Tamra Judge of RHOC explained that her ex-husband’s cancer played a role in her exit. Tamra has had some serious personal issues that all contributed to her decision to say goodbye to the hit show.

Judge is no stranger to being in the middle of all the drama on the Bravo show as she has grown to enjoy it and has quickly become one of the most popular of the housewives thanks to her spunky attitude. While she has had her share of hardships with her co-stars and has had to live through a messy divorce while filming the show, the California native also tries to keep it fun and positive with her co-stars, always bring the sunshine wherever she goes. But most recently, the Bravo personality announced she would be departing the show right behind her friend, Vicki Gunvalson.

Since the shocking announcement, fans had been wondering what suddenly caused the blonde to want to leave her reality star life. The vivacious Judge did not want to return for season 15 due to her ex-husband Simon Barney’s diagnosis with stage three throat cancer. Barney opened up to People last week and explained he was a private person but wanted to be the one to deliver the news to his fans. The father clarified that he wanted to show others he was serious about fighting his diagnosis and had immense optimism. Barney first said he showed symptoms back in May 2019 and that his cancer had spread to his tonsils and lymph nodes.

Even though both Judge and Barney had a tumultuous relationship while they were married, Judge said the diagnosis had forced her to “reevaluate her life.” The housewife announced she would leave the show at the start of the new year but was made aware of her ex-husbands condition months before. While speaking on the Radio Andy’s Jeff Lewis Live, Judge explained that she was going to inform everyone she had decided not to come back during the season 14 reunion but decided against the move because she was emotionally unstable.

For Judge dealing with her husband, Eddie Judge’s heart problems and now Barney’s cancer diagnosis has been a wake-up call for her. She knew after filming the reunion that she would not be returning to the show as she needed to be available for her children. Fans certainly understand Judge’s choice to leave the show and do not hold it against her, only wishing her and her family a speedy recovery and positive vibes.

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Source: People