Rhenzy Feliz is right now single. Notwithstanding, he dated Isabella Gomez in 2018. Rhenzy Feliz was born to a single parent, Joelis Vallejo. He is 5 Feet 9 inches tall.


He is an American entertainer and intermittent artist. Rhenzy Feliz is most popular for his part in Disney’s PC energized highlight film Encanto.

He is likewise known for the job of Alex More out of control in an American television Series, Wanderers. The series is associated with the Wonder Artistic Universe.

The primary film Rhenzy Feliz acted in is All Together Now by Netflix, which was delivered on August 28, 2020. He has additionally worked in The Delicate Bar as Wesley and plays the part of Boneparte in Young lady With No Name.

Essentially, other than Wonder’s Wanderers, Rhenzy Feliz has additionally been a piece of television Series like Relaxed, Youngster Wolf, Kevin Recoveries the World and American Shocking tales.

Feliz has been expertly dynamic in the acting business starting around 2016. He was given a role as a side person, Spencer, in the American television series, Easygoing. Rhenzy Feliz Sweetheart  Rhenzy Feliz isn’t dating anybody by and by. He isn’t hitched by the same token.  He was dating his Ex, Isabella Gomez, in 2018. In any case, they split 18 months after the fact.  Since Gomez, Rhenzy has not uncovered any data on his dating another person.

Isabella Gomez was born in Medellin, Colombia, on February 9, 1998. Isabella Gomez is likewise an entertainer who is renowned for her featuring job in Each Day In turn.  She has been dynamic in her acting profession beginning around 2014.  Rhenzy Feliz Guardians  Rhenzy Feliz was born to a single parent, Joelis Vallejo. She was 21 years of age when she brought forth Rhenzy.

The name and character of Rhenzy Feliz’s dad are kept hidden.

Feliz and his mom moved to Florida when he was more youthful as his mom could have done without the cold and believed that Feliz should experience childhood in a superior spot.

Later his mom, Joelis Vallejo, remarried, and they later moved to Los Angeles. On July 18, she transferred a post on her Instagram commending her commemoration with her ongoing spouse.

She is exceptionally strong of her child’s acting profession. She frequently posts about him on her Instagram handle.

Rhenzy Feliz Level  Rhenzy Feliz is 5 Feet and 9 Inches tall. He remains at the level of 1.75 Meters.  He weighs 60 Kg. Feliz is of Dominican plummet. He was brought up in Florida in his more youthful years and afterward in Los Angeles, where he went to St Nick Monica Secondary School.  The entertainer studied Show, and he and his group were finalists in the 2016 Speech Contest.

Rhenzy Feliz AgeRhenzy Feliz was born on October 26, 1997. He is 25 years of age.

He posted an image of his 25th birthday festivity on his Instagram. His mom transferred a birthday post on her Instagram too.

He was born to a 21 years of age single parent in New York, US. He was brought up in Florida and later in Los Angeles.

Feliz has been expertly dynamic in the acting business since he was 19.

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Rhenzy Feliz Voiced An Encanto Character  Rhenzy Feliz is an entertainer and an intermittent artist. He is the voice behind the person Camilo Madrigal in the Disney energized film Encanto.

Camilo Madrigal is one of the film’s fundamental cast with the supernatural ability to change into others.

Rhenzy Feliz sang the piece of Camilo Madrigal in the melody “We Don’t Discuss Bruno.”