This gadget is the result of a one-year long passion project, created by Damjan Stanković, executed in collaboration with Marko Pavlović and others. Here’s how the beautiful description of the device sounds like: “Never before has a liquid substance been unveiled in its pure, unrefined form and controlled in a manner which allows it to display tangible shapes. There is a middle ground between the analog and the digital sphere, where the rules of mechanics and the laws of nature come together in order to create a liquid illusion reminiscent of a contemporary, digital form. Time as a concept is highly subjective, but there are two things we can claim about it with certainty: time is unrelenting transience and continuous movement. It is precisely this endless rhythmic flow that Rhei captures, and just as every moment differs from the other, the movement of its digits is differently animated each time, never permitting it to exibit the same shape twice.”

However, for the time being, it seems that the product isn’t yet available for purchase, and the team behind the project has warned about a fake IndieGoGo page which was asking for pledges. We will update this article once we have more details regarding its pricing and availability. Rhei has also received the RedDot Design Award as a confirmation of its unusual, playful and ingenious approach. There’s no doubt that this is one of the coolest clocks around, and we can only hope that it will have an affordable price, as well. This just might be the perfect Christmas present for your techie friend, what do you think?

Rhei – time flows. Literally from rollercoaster on Vimeo.