He’s only 5 feet 6, yet it hasn’t halted the unique Rey Mysterio from arriving at big objectives like acquiring the WWE Championship or outfoxing 29 different hotshots to secure the Royal Rumble as the No. 2 passage.


The Ultimate Underdog is known for declining to be apprehensive inside the ring, whether confronting a startling beast like Kane or flying from the highest point of a steel confine.

Rey Mysterio was prepared in the pleased Mexican legacy of Lucha libre when he was even mature enough to drive. He took his ring name to pay tribute to his uncle and camouflaged his face behind a cover, as lucha custom directs.

Photographs Of Rey Mysterio Without Mask: What Does He Look Like? Most wrestling fans are know all about Rey Mysterio with a veil, however these photographs of Mysterio in regular daily existence without a cover should be seen.

The Mexican Wrestler is one of the world’s most renowned and notable grapplers, and one of the principal purposes behind this is his veils. He generally looks perfect, and the cover plays had a fundamental impact in his profession.

It has provided him with a feeling of persona and the one of a kind appearance of a superhuman.

There are, notwithstanding, a few photos of Mysterio without his cover. This article will incorporate a few photos of his maskless face.

In February 1999, Rey Mysterio and Kanon confronted Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in a cover versus hair match. Mysterio and Kanon lost the match, and as expressed in the limitation, Rey Mysterio had to lose a veil in the ring.

Mysterio joined WWE the following year, in 2002, with Vince McMahon asking that Rey Mysterio continue wearing his veil now that he’d endorsed with his organization.


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Rey Mysterio’s covers are oftentimes top venders at WWE occasions, so Vince McMahon seems to have gone with the right choice in mentioning the previous WWE Champion to wear his veil back on subsequent to marking.

Rey Mysterio Have Two Kids Son Dominik Mysterio And Daughter Aalyah Gutierrez: Find Out The Age Rey Mysterio is the glad dad of two kids, Dоminik and Aalyah. Dominik is 25 years of age, and his more youthful sister is 21.

He has the names of his youngsters to his right side and left hands, one gave to his significant other, and EG, addressing a close buddy who sadly died in 2005. As a Christian, he has strict images inked on his body.

Dominik Gutiérrez, his child, is an American expert grappler who is as of now contracted to WWE and goes by the ring name Dominik Mysterio.

They are the principal father and child to win the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship. While Aalyah has never wrestled in the ring, she has been in WWE since her childhood in storylines and behind the stage fragments with her dad.

In 2020, Dominik and his dad confronted Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins in a competition. Aalyah turns out to be sincerely connected with Murphy as a feature of the plot, to her dad’s shock.

Be that as it may, the plot was dropped, and after the fragment, Aalyah started showing up during WWE’s Thunderdome period.


Rey Mysterio (@619iamlucha)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Rey Mysterio And His Wife Angie Gutierrez Are Together For Over 25 Years Angie Gutierrez was at that point an entertainer, however she rose to noticeable quality following her union with Rey Mysterio. In the mid 1990s, the pair met in a rec center as teenagers.

Rey Mysterio had proactively started his expert wrestling profession at that point, however he was not notable. Angie was seeing someone the hour of their gathering.

Subsequently, she just remained companions with Rey for a couple of months. Angie before long cut off her friendship with her beau and started dating Rey.

The couple dated for north of four years prior to wedding on May 11, 1996, in a customary Catholic function, and just family and dear companions went to it.