Rex Flyer Program 

Rex airlines previously offered its customers a loyalty program called the Rex Flyer Program. The program had a very simple offer: after successfully traveling nine paid flights, customers will be rewarded with a free flight under this loyalty program.

The loyalty program was a success for Rex’s regional routes, but the airlines were not entirely contempt of the program. Thus, the program was revoked and is set to be re-introduced this year. 

Even though there is no perfect clarity of what the new version of the Rex Flyer program will include, it is speculated that the new version will steer in the direction of a points-based mechanism. Travelers will earn Rex Points following the type of ticket they wish to buy. There is also a possibility that this version of the Rex Flyer program will include some form of status credit which would deliver specialized perks to airlines’ loyal travelers. 

Rex Business Flyer Program 

The Rex Business Flyer Program is a unique and straightforward program to assist businesses to manage and save their finances during their travel. This program offers businesses that fly Rex reward flights (free of any form of tax or charge) for every 18 eligible flight sectors flown. These reward flights are redeemable on the Rex network.

Businesses who enable this loyalty program are spared from the tedious task of establishing individual memberships since one frequent flyer number covers the entire traveling business staff. 

Under this loyalty, business staff members will enjoy the following perks:

-One Business Flyer number is allocated for the entire business staff (as mentioned above).

-Businesses earn points on every Rex flight that they booked and flew, the only exception being the flights that were booked using Promo and Community fares. 

-Businesses will acquire two reward flights for every 18 flights flown (as mentioned above).

 Joining The Rex Business Flyer Program

Businesses can join the Rex Business Flyer program without any difficulty by following the below-mentioned steps:

1)Businesses can access the Business Flyer application form from the official site of Rex airlines.

2)After successfully filling out the application form, businesses will have to submit their business information which will include:

-Their official trading name(s)


-At least two main admin contact details 

3)After successfully putting in their details, businesses will be asked to pay a sign-up fee of 99$ AUD. This payment can be initiated by using the following payment methods:


-Diners Club


-American Express 

4)Once the application is approved, the said business will become a member of the Rex Business Flyer for the next two years.


Rex Business Flyer loyalty program is an effective program that offers multiple rewards to its member businesses without wearing them out with a lengthy individual sign-up process or a complicated application process. This program offers businesses the to save their finances while traveling and earn benefits from the Business Flyer points they earned while traveling Rex. 

Question1) Can Rex Business Flyer points and Reward Flights expire?

Answer) Yes. Both of these perks, which are offered solely to the Rex Business Flyer loyalty program members, will expire after some time, if not used in due time. Business Flyer points that are not converted to Reward Flights and used in real life will expire after a tenure of two years. Reward Flights are mandatory to be flown within a tenure of six months, or they will be terminated.

Rex policy clearly states that neither the expired Business Flyer Points nor the Reward Flights will not be revived under any request once they have expired. 

Question2) Can members of the Rex Business Flyer loyalty program access Rex Lounges with their membership?

Answer) No. Rex Business Flyer loyalty program cannot access Rex Lounges with their membership. If they wish to access Rex Lounges, they can sign-up for the Rex Lounge Membership, which costs 329$ AUD a year. 

Question3) How can businesses book their earned Rex Business Flyer Reward Flight?

Answer) Businesses can book their Rex Business Flyer Reward flight on Rex through any of the following methods:

Businesses can book their Reward flight through a secured portal on the Rex Business Flyer Member’s Page. They can access this column on the official Rex airlines website.  

Businesses can directly contact Rex on their provided contact number. This method is not free, however. Businesses will be charged an administration charge of  AUD $44  for this call.