They often spill over into the next day, as is the case this week with several apps getting some new features needed tweaks. First up is photo-editing app Snapseed, which is finally getting some attention after going stagnant for over two years. The new version adds in several new tools, such as lens blur, “intelligent” perspective transform, tonal contrast, spot healing.  also is bringing back the month view to Calendar. The current default is a schedule layout, which forces you to slide the month view down from the top if you want an overview of future dates. An update to the ay Store ay Movies & TV app hint at critic reviews making their way into both. This would add some more perspective for show quality other than the usual hit–miss customer reviews. An A teardown also reveals is working on movie bundles, making for another way to push sales rentals for similar titles. l the updates are hitting the ay Store, or you can find the latest version at A Mirror. The impact on you: This is another good batch of updates for anyone who sticks close to the ecosystem. It helps that keeps its core apps in the ay Store, so it can do do quick reversals like bringing back the monthly view in Calendar.