It has over 1,000 owned brands and has devoted 18 years of service in digitalization, marketing, merchandising strategies, fashion influencing, analytics, etc. It offers clothing apparel, footwear, beauty products, and accessories for both men and women. It has a net sale of $580.6 Million and a 52.6% gross margin. 

Return Policy: 

Revolve offers easy return services to their customers. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or have found any defect, you can reach out to the customer service center of Revolve to return the items within 60 days from the date of purchase. You will receive a full refund once the return request is accepted. Beauty products must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase for a full refund. 

Here are some of the guidelines that Revolve follows under their return policy; 

Conditions at which your product will be accepted: 

Revolve accepts products that are in their original packaging only. Gently used beauty products are also accepted. 

For apparel: 

It should be unwashed, unworn, unused and undamaged with their tags on.  Your clothes must be in proper condition and clean.   

Return will be rejected if any part of the set is missing.  Should be handed over with the original packaging.  

For shoes: 

Must be clean, unworn and undamaged.  Tags must be intact.  

For accessories: 

Must not be broken.  Any part of the set must not be missing.  

Beauty Products: 

Beauty products must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.  It must be intact and shouldn’t be used.  All the parts of the product must be present, that is, it must be in the original packaging condition.  

For Swimwear and Lingerie: 

Must be returned in the original condition.  Do not remove any protective slips.  

If you receive a product that is damaged, contact customer service immediately. You can call the customer care line; +1-562-926-5672 if you are facing any problems.  

Returns cannot be made during holidays (November 1st – December 25th ).  

You can return your products after this period, but before January, 10th.  


Shipping charges will not be refunded.  For international services, returns may take up to 3-10 business days. Once the refund is made, you will receive an email for confirmation.  Sometimes, it may take quite some time for the refund confirmation to reflect on your credit card account.  

For International purchases: 

For international customers, living outside the United States of America, are responsible to pay the shipping cost during returns. 

Requirements for a successful international return: 

Your invoice must contain detail of whether you want to return or exchange your products.  Keep all the items packed properly along with the invoice.  While returning, mention your invoice number on the airway bill along with a small note on why you want to return your purchase.  Mention “Return Shipment to the United States”You are also required to mail your invoice to; 


12889 Moore St

Cerritos, CA 90703


Steps to follow for returning your purchase: 

In-store returns: 

You can return your items physically at the shop itself by showing the invoice of your return or the receipt to receive a full refund of your purchase.  The products must be in original packaging and unused.  You should know the reason why you want to return the product. The retailer may ask you the reason behind your return. So be prepared.  

Example- I want to return my dress because I found a stain on it. 

Returning online purchases: 

Visit the official site of Revolve and follow the step by step procedure on returning online purchases.  After successful approval of your return, drop the packaging at your designated carrier, FedEx or U. S Mail.  You may contact customer service if you are facing any issues while returning online.  You will receive your return confirmation via mail. You can also track your return on the official site of Revolve.  


Bridal Gowns must be returned within 30 days of your purchase. It must be in original packaging condition with all the tags on. It must be unwashed and unworn.  If you have returned items of more than $7500 within 12 months, you will be subjected to a modified return policy. The retailers will themselves communicate with you if you are under this policy.  


The return policy offered by Revolve is easy and flexible. Revolve offers authentic products which are directly purchased from the designer itself. However, if you find any kind of defect, like for example a missing button or a hanging thread, you are free to return the products at the official site of Revolve or by visiting your nearest store.