Who doesn’t love a nice trip down memory lane? You can do just that with Microsoft’s interesting new virtual Xbox museum. Not only does it take you through Xbox’s history, but it’ll also let you revisit your own gaming stats and accomplishments.

While a lot of the museum is focused on the good stuff, Microsoft isn’t afraid to remind us of some of the less pleasant parts of Xbox’s history. For example, the museum mentions the Xbox 360 red ring of death debacle and Microsoft’s failed attempt to buy Nintendo. A lot has happened in the last 20 years in the world of Xbox, and this museum will remind you of most of it.

In total, there are 132 moments in the museum, so there’s a lot to see. Whether you were lined up on day one to take home an original Xbox or an Xbox Series X is your first foray into Xbox gaming, you’ll find some enjoyment from this experience.

As cool as it is to explore a virtual museum, where things get neat is the personal portion of the experience. You can take a look back at your Xbox stats over the years. You can see which games you played first on Xbox consoles, the total number of games you’ve played, and so on. For example, I’ve played 302 games across Xbox consoles, and I played Destiny 2 more than any other game.

Even more remarkable, you don’t need to use an Xbox console to try walking around the virtual museum. You can do it by simply visiting museum.xbox.com in your web browser. You can sign in to get access to the personalized experience, or you can meander around without signing in to see Xbox’s history.

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