Overview of DirecTV wireless Genie

DirecTV wireless genie is a receiver that works along with a DirecTV subscription. It is the device that allows extending DirecTV services to all your home. This device allows you to watch and record live stream shows. The whole family can watch five different programs at the same time with one DirecTV wireless device. It is a powerful DVR that enables different streamed shows recording and scheduling for more than one viewer. 

This device has 500hrs of HD storage including the DirecTV package. The device has 1TB storage and can fit an external hard drive. If one wants more storage, one can use Dish Hopper 3, it will give a 2TB hard drive. DirecTV wireless genie can record 800 hrs of standard content and 200 hrs of HD content. The wireless Genie receives signals from DVR and records shows in the whole house. The device works well with DVR, USB ports, and 4k TV. 

Features of DirecTV wireless genie

-Parents can control the setup for each device. 

-Genie comes with a remote that features play, pause, record, and rewind the live tv. 

-It can record live programs in four rooms at one time. 

-It can fast forward ads and start watching a movie in one room and finish it in another. 

-One can download movies and shows. 

-One can stream live TV and DVR recordings. 

Genie ports

-Digital coax out

-Rj 11 phone out 

-AC power in 

-HDMI out 


-Serial AT attachment In

-Satellite In

-Ethernet In

-Infrared receiver

-S-Video out 

-Composite video out

-Component video out 

Gene remote 

Some important features are; 

-One can rewind by 72 hrs. 

-Advance button for fast forward for 30 sec. 

-Replay skips 6 sec. 

-Press R twice to record the whole series. 

-Press R to record the show. 

Pros and cons of DirecTV wireless genie

Pros of DirecTV wireless genie

-No extra fees after activation 

-Has 450 hrs of HD storage

-Can record seven programs continuously 

-Can watch recorded shows on phones, tablets, and laptops. 

-Can watch 8 different channels on one screen. 

Cons of DirecTV wireless genie

-High activation cost

-Can’t work with streaming apps

-No warranty

How does DirecTV wireless genie work? 

The DirecTV wireless genie works based on radio signals. They carry digital TV data. This offers 4k ultra HD for all shows and exports that give the best watching experience to users. The Genie must be in 800 feet maximum radius and within five interior walls. 

-To activate, call DirecTV wireless genie customer care.

-Connect DirecTV Genie to your TV using Ethernet. 

-Connect HDMI cable to genie HD DVR. 

-Set the TV to input. 

-Get back to the room and enter the pin on the screen. 

The first receiver is installed in the room and other rooms are connected with small genius boxes that use RVU technology so that they don’t use home wifi. 

How to buy your DirecTV wireless genie? 

If you want to buy a receiver for your TV that works in the whole home with one device, the DirecTV wireless genie is the best option for you. 

Just follow these steps to order your DirecTV wireless genie; 

-Visit DIRECTV Official Site | DIRECTV STREAM & Satellite TV and login or sign up your account with your email address and password. 

-Click on my DirecTV. 

-Select the packages and related equipment. 

-Order a receiver of your choice and add it to the cart. 

-Confirm the order and set up the equipment. 

-Click on continue and submit the order. 


These are the reviews on the DirecTV wireless genie. The DirecTV wireless genie is worth the price but it will be great when it will start working with built-in streaming apps and with voice control. If the user wants native voice control, DirecTV Alexa skill is the best option that works fantastically with voice control with the genie. 

This device gives high visual quality and incredible work with 4k TV. This is the best option for genZ and early technology adopters. 

How much does the DirecTV wireless genie cost? 

Ans- It may cost $49 for activation and $99 for bridge activation. The monthly payment is $7 per month per device. 

Does DirecTV wireless Genie use home wifi? 

Ans- No, DirecTV wireless genie doesn’t use home wifi, it uses a special wifi network with MIMO technology. 

What models are available of DirecTV wireless genie? 

Ans- There are two models available of DirecTV wireless genie: HR44 and HR54. The HR54 has a SWiM power inserter while HR44 has an external SWiM inserter. 

Can DirecTV wireless genie be controlled by parents? 

Ans- Parents can control devices by parent control setting what and when their children are watching. Parents can limit the watch time and block content according to their preferences.