Launched on the 22nd of April 2015, Google Fi is a form of mobile data service used on U.S T-Mobile, U.S Cellular devices, and other mobile devices. Fi can be used for activities that regular mobile data can. Those activities include; making phone calls, sending and receiving messages

Data Cost For Google Fi

The following are the data costs for Google Fi:

6GB costs $8010GB costs $135 12GB costs $170 14GB costs $20516GB costs $24068GB costs $275

Google Fi Reviews

Here are some reviews that have been gotten from people who have used the google product over the years:

Positive Reviews:

Unlimited Plan Offer

On Google Fi, you can get as to use your data and eventually not finish it within the selected period of your plan.

Free And Simple Activation 

To activate your Google Fi, you are not required to pay up any fee; it is completely free of charge. Google Fi can also be installed without much effort. The guidelines for the installation will be shared with you at the point of purchase.


Google Fi offers a range of packages available to fit your budget. If you are interested in going for a cheap or expensive package, you can always get it. The plan also makes it easy for you to switch to another plan if you are not satisfied with your previous plan.

Bill Protection Feature

What this feature means is that customers will not be required to pay for data used until 6GB of data has been used. This is a form of unlimited data plan offered to customers to allow them to enjoy the service.

Negative Reviews

Selects Devices

The internet service is not available on all devices. The mobile devices designed to access Google Fi include; the Google Pixel series, Samsung series, Moto G Power, and other few devices. For a device to be allowed to use Google Fi, it has to, first of all, be programmed to support it and also come with an eSim.

Network Coverage 

Some areas have been reported to have experienced low network coverage on Google Fi. This leads to them moving to another internet service provider that works with their location.


Their prices, when compared to other internet providers are expensive. Also, the use of free plans does not go well with the users as they believe that they will eventually be charged for the plans when making subsequent payments. 

Other Things You Should Know About Google Fi

Here is some other information you might be interested in about Google Fi;

It is possible to get your money back when you have unused data. Under the Bill Protection feature, you are allowed to have a spending limit of $80 monthly on a data plan. With a free membership, you are allowed to have over 100GB of cloud storage free of charge.

Google Fi is not quite a popular service with many mobile phone users. The Google Fi comes with a google voice system to help the accessibility of the system a lot easier for users. But, it often gets slowed down due to some network issues. Although Google Fi is designed to work on devices that use a 5g network, it does not work on 5g phones that do not use band n71 and n41.


Google Fi has gotten a lot of positive and negative reviews from users over the years. Although the internet service has proven to be a reliable one, it still needs to improve on some features to satisfy its users. Above all, the most negative review centers around the fact that the services are limited to a few devices; Google can work on making this available on other devices.

How Many Countries Have Access To Google Fi?

Over 150 countries have access to the service.

How Much Is The Lowest Plan For Google Fi?

The least plan for Google Fi is $80 at 6GB per month.