We’re all agog waiting on the introduction of the Mac App Store tomorrow (Jan 6). It seems likely to eclipse the CES clamor. Now we have this tiny nugget to share: You’ll be able to review Mac Apps just like you review iOS apps. Sure, we know this isn’t a massive surprise: stop and think about it and it makes perfect sense that you’ll be able to put virtual pen to paper to leave others with your impressions of those Mac Apps you love or loathe. iPhone Italia (via Razorianfly) reveals this is the case, and that just as in making iOS app reviews, you’ll be unable to review a product unless you’ve already bought it from the Mac App Store. How is this known? Because a glitch in the system means a user spotted a Mac App Store warning while exploring the iOS App Store. We just thought you might like to know. Oh, and the below screen shot shows that the hotly-awaited Chopper App for Mac will let you control your flight on a Mac using your iPhone. Can Apple TV console gaming be far behind? What else has that A4 chip inside it got to do?