Walmart offers the current and new products for customer review under the Spark Reviewer program. The store collaborated with Bazaarvoice to launch this program. It invites only genuine reviewers providing honest, regular, and decent reviews on its website for the program. Walmart does not modify those reviews at any point. The store knows how vital customer reviews are. So, it is how the store seems genuine to the customers.

Spark Reviewer Program

Walmart operates across all 50 states and offers various products such as pet supplies, electronics, family apparel, jewelry, hardware, housewares, and more. The store invites the customers to the Spark Reviewer program and does not influence their reviews at any point. So, the customers get free products every month for providing honest reviews by taking out some time. The reviews can be positive or negative. The store wants to know what the customers feel about the products and educate others about the same.

Many customers do not purchase products that have no genuine customer reviews. 70% of customers search for customer reviews before making a decision.

Procedure To Become A Walmart Spark Reviewer

Walmart invites customers that write consistent and decent reviews on its website. It picks the best reviewers and sends them an invitation. These invited customers must register themselves as members. When they sign up, the store will send them email notifications regarding the offers for sampling. The customers get a list of samples every month to get reviewed. They must choose three to four products from the list. Accordingly, Walmart ships the products for free to their homes in less time. The store will provide at least two email notifications to remind the customers to review the products.

Every review must be longer than or equal to 200 words, and the customers must submit their review within a given period. Walmart prioritizes the customers that complete their account profile information and submit reviews according to the mentioned criteria. After reviewing, the reviewers must keep the products to themselves. The store must bear the related costs if it asks them to return the products.

Advantages Of The Spark Reviewer Program

The following are the advantages of the Spark Reviewer program:

It creates a better relationship with loyal and potential customers. It increases the volume of reviews and sales of certain products. The brands also understand where they lag. Thus, they can make changes in the products accordingly. This program works better for new, exclusive, and seasonal products and ones with no recent customer reviews.

Disadvantages Of The Spark Reviewer Program

The following are the disadvantages of the Spark Reviewer program:

Walmart pays for the products and shipment, not the customers. Though it happens for only a few invited reviewers, the store cannot neglect the related costs. Walmart does not influence customer reviews. So, negative reviews may affect the reputation of the store and products. The employees and affiliates cannot provide product reviews. The reviewers must write reviews for at least 3 out of 4 products within a given time limit and other constraints. If they fail to do so, their eligibility for the program will get affected henceforth.


Customers cannot use the products before purchasing them. So, the Walmart Spark Reviewer program makes the customers understand the products by reading the genuine reviews provided by the reviewers. The invited reviewers must accept the formal invitation, get registered, log in, select the products, get them shipped, and start writing a review. They do not pay at any point during this procedure. It is how Walmart and Bazaarvoice created this program to attract more customers.

What Other Websites Have The Spark Review Program? 


What Is Walmart Customer Spark Community?


A group of reviewers that accept the invitation for the Walmart Spark reviewer program is called Customer Spark Community. These reviewers must complete a few tasks, interviews, and engaging surveys. They gain over 50 points after every survey according to the time taken to complete it. These points help them to redeem the eGift cards offered by the store. Every Walmart eGift card costs $5. So, they must complete over 16 surveys for that.

What Is Bazaarvoice?


Bazaarvoice, headquartered in Texas, is a software company that helps different brands to post the UGC (User-Generated Content). UGC includes questions and answers, ratings and reviews, and visual and social content. It helps to smoothen the customer journey, derive revenue, and scale the brand.