Most MacBook stands on the market fall into one of the few aluminum-based styles that have become commonplace. That’s why we jumped at the chance to go hands-on with Yohann’s MacBook and MacBook Pro Stand that breaks the mold with both its material choice and striking design. Follow along for a closer look at this beautiful way to elevate your MacBook.

As you may have guessed from the image above, I tested out the MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand in walnut. This stand not only offers a minimalistic feel with its cantilever design, but also a beautiful sculptural element with its unique mix of angular and curved lines.

Just like the company’s iPad Stand (reviewed), this MacBook stand certainly isn’t a budget offering with a starting price of $159. However, you’re getting what you pay for with this premium MacBook accessory.


  • Sustainably sourced and crafted from a single block of solid walnut or oak
  • Creates unique floating MacBook design
  • Raises MacBooks 7.5-inches
  • Weight: 10.85 ounces (307 grams)
  • Compatible with all 2009 and later MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro machines

Materials & Build

Sustainable manufacturing is important to Yohann, so the company only uses Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood from Europe and North America. This means none of the wood types used are in danger of extinction.

Yohann offers the MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand in walnut or oak. Production starts at a traditional woodworking shop in northern Italy before being finished in Germany. Yohann employs a mix of precise milling and manual craftsmanship to make sure its finished products are of the highest quality. Natural oil and wax are used to create a gorgeous finish by highlighting the walnut or oak’s grain and offering a very consistent and smooth feel. Also, as a part of Yohann’s social commitment, it focuses on employing people with disabilities at its Germany workshop.

The only other material used besides walnut or oak is a slim pad of Italian leather that provides cushioning and grip for the underside of your MacBook.

In Use

This stand is just a delight. From placing my MacBook Pro in the simple notch that locks it steadily into place, to the clean and minimal visual that it brings to my desk. It’s hands down the best stand I’ve ever used.

As shown in the photo above, without the weight of a MacBook, Yohann’s stand rests with the base sitting up in the air. This makes for a fun ritual of placing your notebook in the notch and rolling it back to rest sturdily on the base. For those that would prefer to keep the stand in the upright position all the time, you can use anything from an external hard drive to AirPods resting on base to keep it as such.

Before going hands-on with the stand, I was curious how supported it would feel with such a minimal design. Particularly with the 2016 and later MacBook Pro’s slim 1/4-inch or so space between the trackpad and the edge of the machine, I was interested how snugly the stand’s notch design would hold.

I’m happy to say from plugging peripherals in and out, docking and undocking my 15-inch MacBook Pro, to the few (and rare) times I actually used my MBP’s keyboard while it was elevated on the stand, it feels very sturdy. As a disclaimer, Yohann does mention not to put the full weight of your arms on your MacBook when in the stand.

With the majority of tech products and accessories using aluminum and plastic these days, I really appreciate the warmth and beauty of Yohann’s wooden stand. The finely crafted lines offer such a unique and sharp look and feel.

One thing to keep in mind, when your MacBook or MacBook Pro is docked in the stand, you won’t be able to fully close your screen without removing your notebook and replacing it back on the stand. However, the company notes that MacBooks will still go to sleep if you close the screen as far as you can when it’s resting on the stand. But whether you’d like to use your MacBook in clamshell mode or not, Yohann’s stand works to hold your MacBook either way.

Another valuable aspect of this design is that no matter which MacBook or MacBook Pro model you have, the entire underside of your machine is free from obstruction for optimal ventilation.

As for height, I like that this stand raises MacBooks a bit higher than the average stand on the market. While this could vary user to user, I found the 7.5-inches that Yohann’s stand boosts Apple’s notebooks to be more comfortable in day-to-day use compared to the 5-inches that the last stand I used offered.

The only piece of constructive criticism I thought of was including non-slip feet or pads on the base of the stand (it’s just wood). However, with the weight my MacBook Pro I didn’t have any issues with it sliding around, and the bare wood offers a stable, uniform base.


This stand certainly isn’t for everyone at $159 for the oak version and $179 for the walnut variant. However, for those who aren’t price sensitive and value a unique, high-quality MacBook stand, Yohann’s offering feels like a top-pick.

The MacBook Pro and MacBook Stand is available directly from Yohann.

Check out the video below for a fun look at the craftsmanship process.