The iPhone comes with a pretty decent weather app, but many people find it to be lacking. Aside from the fact that it only predicts up to seven days of weather, many find its forecasts—which are powered by Yahoo!—to be somewhat inaccurate.

That’s a void that WeatherSnitch 2 is eager to fill. WeatherSnitch’s interface is packed with all the weather-related information you could possibly want, but presented in a neat and orderly way that makes sense.

The interface isn’t the only thing WeatherSnitch does well, though. All of the weather information comes from weather stations owned and monitored by SnitchWare, Inc. That means you’re not getting Yahoo!’s sometimes questionable weather predictions. Because SnitchWare owns all of the weather data, they are able to do things with it that aren’t possible when using third-party APIs. For example, WeatherSnitch 2 offers a whopping fourteen days of forecasts. And these forecasts are actually more accurate than some of Yahoo!’s one-week forecasts.

I put these two-week forecasts to the test and found that, while not pinpoint-accurate, the information was usually only a few degrees off of the actual weather. The forecast were close enough that I could accurately gauge the overall temperature and weather conditions of any given date two weeks early.

Another very cool feature of WeatherSnitch 2 is something iPhone users have wanted for a long time: the ability to have the current temperature on the app’s homescreen icon through a push notification badge. I did run into a problem with the feature, however. After about two weeks of using the app, the icon badge got stuck at 66 and has remained there for nearly a month. Even restarting the app didn’t seem to fix this. (Update: According to the developer, this is the result of a problem with Push Notifications. Reinstalling the app fixed this issue for me and the badge is functioning normally now.)

The last issue I had with WeatherSnitch 2 was the fact that it currently does not support the iPhone 5’s larger display, but the developer did tell me that an update to fix this is currently in development.

I’m very impressed with the accuracy and design of WeatherSnitch 2. If you’re looking for something to replace the stock weather app on your iPhone, it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

WeatherSnitch 2 is available on the App Store for $2.99.