A beautiful new weather app called Weather Line launched this morning in the App Store. Weather Line is designed for iOS 7, and it adopts the updated design language and icons introduced in iOS 7’s native Weather app. The app is also compatible with iOS 6 for those using older devices like the iPhone 3GS or fourth-generation iPod touch. It provides a much deeper level of detail than you’ll find in the default Weather app.

Like the built-in app, Weather Line can use your location to determine your weather, or you can add more cities to check the weather. To do so, press the “i” button in the upper right hand corner, and then press “add” at the bottom. The app isn’t limited to U.S. locations and supports a full range of international data. Once you have your cities set up, swiping will allow you to switch between them.

Weather Line gets the weather information from two very reliable weather sources: Dark Sky and Forecast IO. It is very easy to understand and interpret the weather data from Weather Line. There are three different views: Hourly, Daily, Monthly. The Weather Line shows temperature and conditions on a line graph. Below that is more information such as “feels like” temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, sunrise, and sunset.

Swiping from the bottom will reveal rain, snow, and other precipitation data. The graph shows precipitation intensity and gives detailed predictions down to the minute about when rain will start and stop as well as how much to expect.

The Weather Line gives a unique perspective of the weather by allowing you to chart multiple data sets on the graph for comparison. If you are looking for a more comprehensive, simple to use, easy to understand alternative to the stock weather app on iOS 7, Weather Line is just the app you need at $2.99.