Ugreen makes a range of solid Apple accessories and the latest one we’ve been able to test out is the magnetic wireless battery case for iPhone X and XS. Read on for our hands-on look at this convenient way to keep your iPhone protected and battery topped off for under $30.

We’ve previously taken a look at Ugreen’s 20,000mAh portable battery with integrated Lightning cable, portable magnetic charger for Apple Watch, power bank for iPhone and Apple Watch, and more.

We’ve found Ugreen does a great job offering solid accessories at a fair price. Now, we’ve gone hands-on with the slick magnetic wireless battery case for iPhone.

Ugreen wireless battery case for iPhone Specs

  • Works with iPhone X and XS
  • 3,600mAh battery capacity (rated to give one full iPhone X/XS charge)
  • Includes slim case that attaches seamlessly via magnets to the wireless power bank
  • Wireless output: 5W
  • Wired output: 5W (via USB-A)
  • Input: 10W (via microUSB)
  • microUSB cable included (power adapter not included)

Materials and Build

The wireless battery case consists of two components, a slim case with an integrated magnet and the thicker wireless power bank that attaches to the case.

Both are made with satin-finished plastic and offer a great experience in use with nicely rounded edges and a super soft feel.

The sides of the slim black case are smooth, while the rear has a fine texture to it. When using both the case and magnetic wireless charger, you’ll notice the back of the power bank is smooth, while the tapered top quarter near the camera cutout features a diamond pattern.

The inside of both the case and the battery portion have a soft felt to both protect your iPhone and keep the case from being scratched when attaching and removing the battery.

The overall build quality feels solid and the design of this battery case is sharp. It’s really convenient to easily switch between using your iPhone with a slim case and topping off your battery with the magnetic wireless power bank portion.

The main downside is that the power bank recharges via microUSB, likely a cost-saving choice. However, it does include a convenient USB-A port for charging other devices.

Ugreen includes an 18-month warranty with this battery case. It also has a lifetime service support policy.

Ugreen wireless battery case for iPhone in use

After using this wireless battery case for several weeks, I think Ugreen’s approach has quite a few benefits over more traditional battery cases.

First, it’s really easy to get the case on and off. The magnetic/wireless charging design makes it super simple to have extra power with you and ready to seamlessly attach to your iPhone at any time. To me, this is the best of both worlds when looking at pros and cons of standalone power banks and battery cases.

The next thing I have really appreciated in my testing has been how good this battery case feels. While the whole unit roughly doubles the size of an iPhone, it’s so smooth and comfortable to use, I haven’t minded the extra bulk or weight.

If you’re a fan of thin cases, you’ll likely love the clean and simple case that comes with the wireless battery case. The only downside I found with the case in particular is the sides don’t really wrap around the edge of the screen to offer much protection for your X or XS display.

In my use, I found the battery pack to recharge in just under two hours with a 12W power adapter (technically it only accepts up to 10W). After several tests, the 5W wireless output recharged my iPhone X from 10-100% in a touch under three hours. While that’s a bit slow, being an integrated case charger means speed doesn’t matter so much.

While there’s a power button on the bottom to check battery status with 4 LEDs, another convenient feature is it just starts charging your iPhone as soon as you attach the battery portion to the case.

For those who are curious, you can use the battery portion without the included case, but it doesn’t attach as securely without the magnetic connection between the case and the battery. But if you plan on holding it while you charge, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, the auto-sensing feature won’t work without using the case.

Finally, the inclusion of a USB-A port with 5W output to charge any miscellaneous accessories or devices is a great addition.


While I would love to see USB-C on this wireless battery case for iPhone X and XS, at under $30, it’s hard to complain with everything that it offers. From the soft, satin finish, easy to use magnetic, wireless design, and extra USB-A port, Ugreen’s battery case is worth picking up.