While there’s nothing groundbreaking about this USB-C adapter, Ugreen makes this a compelling offering by including Gigabit Ethernet and HDMI amongst other I/O.


  • 3 x USB-A 3.0 ports (up to 5Gbps)
  • USB-C PD (up to 60W)
  • SD slot (UHS-I)
  • Micro SD slot (UHS-I)
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • HDMI output (up to 4K @ 30Hz)

Materials & Build

Construction of Ugreen’s USB-C Multiport Adapter feels as solid as every other adapter I’ve used. It’s made from aluminum and black plastic for the cable. It just comes one color, gray, which matches Apple’s space gray pretty closely, but it is a bit darker.

On the end opposite the male USB-C cable to plug into your MacBook you’ll find the Gigabit Ethernet and USB-C PD port. On one long side of the adapter is the HDMI and 3 x USB 3.0 ports, while the opposite side features the SD and Micro SD slots and LED indicator.

In Use

As we’ve found with Ugreen’s other products my colleague Jeff Benjamin I and have tested, this USB-C Multiport Adapter works well and looks great.

You can use all of the I/O simultaneously, it provides the benefit of only taking up one USB-C port on your MacBook/MacBook Pro and it features good construction and materials.

For 15-inch MacBook Pros you can always opt to charge your machine with a different port than the adapter for full speed charging.

A couple of things that would make it even better would be full 85W power delivery to charge 15-inch MacBook Pros at full speed and 4K video output at 60Hz, although not many adapters offer this.

Interestingly enough, in testing my 15-inch MacBook Pro, it charged up from 15% battery to full in just over two hours. I also did a bit of testing with Apple’s standard 87W USB-C power adapter. When I measured the power delivery with a power meter, I actually found that it usually delivers around 50W from Apple’s own power adapter. So 60W max power delivery on Ugreen’s USB-C adapter isn’t much of an issue.


With a robust I/O offering, including HDMI and Ethernet, Ugreen’s USB-C Multiport Adapter at $52 may be one of the best values when it comes to expanding your MacBook’s ports. Throw in the 25% discount with code SAVE9TO5 and you can’t go wrong.