TwelveSouth recently released a version of its popular BookBook case for Apple’s latest iOS device, the iPad mini. We have previously reviewed the BookBook case for both the iPhone and second/third/fourth-generation iPad, and the iPad mini version is similar to the full-sized iPad version, but obviously smaller.

For those unfamiliar, the TwelveSouth BookBook case is a case that is designed to look like a vintage, hardcover book. Two high quality zippers allow the case user to easily open and close the case for access to their iPad mini. The iPad mini sits in a secure leather pouch that is secured into place with two metal buttons.

Full review and photo gallery:


  • Very well constructed, book-like shell.
  • Will protect your iPad mini from minor-medium falls while the case is zipped up closed.
  • Suede-like interior should keep the iPad mini’s display safe from scratches and minor damage.
  • While the case is open, the leather pouch holding the iPad mini does not restrict access to the display, home button, FaceTime camera, speakers, audio controls, sleep/wake button and Lightning connector.
  • The BookBook’s design allows the iPad mini to be easily propped up for typing (photos of this in the gallery).
  • Can be propped up for video watching.


  • iPad mini’s rear-camera not easily accessible or usable unless the BookBook’s hard cover is folded back. The rear-camera is unwieldy to use in portrait mode, but easier in landscape. This is not the case for the frequent iPad mini rear-camera user due to the lack of a rear-camera cutout in the hard cover of the case. However, the iPhone 5 version of the BookBook easily allows picture taking because it does have a camera hole.
  • Audio controls only accessible when case is unzipped. However, since the case has two zippers, a user can only unzip the portion needed to access the controls. The same goes for other important functionality like the Lightning connector for charging.

Overall, the iPad mini BookBook case is a great offering for those interested in the vintage book case design. It offers minor-medium protection for your iPad mini. It also includes unique and useful features such as easy iPad mini positioning for typing and watching video.

Photo gallery:

For those with other iOS devices, be sure to view our reviews of the BookBook for iPhone 5 and the BookBook for the full-sized iPad (2,3, and 4).

The iPad mini BookBook case costs $69.99 and is available in black, brown, and red.