While I have reviewed several iPad cases since the device’s initial release in 2010, I’ve never used an iPad case long-term. I have reviewed several fantastic, protective cases that I could recommend to iPad users, but I’ve never used an iPad case long-term because it’s simply my preference to use the iPad without a case. Enter Twelve South’s new BookBook iPad case: that preference has changed. The new BookBook is unlike any case, but it protects your iPad and props it up via a book-like accessory. Read on after the break for our full review (plus image gallery):

The new BookBook (hence the name) is an iPad case that turns your Apple slate into book-like form. The case is very light, yet stable and secure for your iPad. Its tough book-cover enclosure will protect from drops and scratches while closed. The iPad is secured into the BookBook via a zipper system that keeps the case shut. The exterior is well-designed, and seriously can get confused for being a closed book. Inside, the case features a soft, suede-like material, and the iPad, itself, sits in a well-crafted leather sleeve. This leather sleeve is snapped into securing buttons so your iPad can’t fall out of the BookBook while in use.

The case offers access to the USB connection port, headphone jack, home button, FaceTime camera, silent/orientation switch, and volume rocker. This is while the BookBook is unzipped. However, the iPad case features a dual-zipper design. With this, the two zippers can be maneuvered so certain ports and components can be accessed while the BookBook is zipped up. This is handy if you want to listen to music via the headphone jack while the iPad is on sleep mode, or if you want to charge your iPad while it is in the BookBook.

Since the BookBook design features the front and back book panels, in addition to the un-snappable leather sleeve, the iPad is easily able to be propped up for both typing and video consumption positions. To prop up for typing, simply unsnap the leather sleeve from the book-cover, and place the leather sleeve over the snapping mechanism. From here, your iPad is securely and comfortably able to be typed on. To prop the iPad up for video watching, simply unsnap the leather insert, and place it on top of the back cover as you fold the back piece forward.

Twelve South’s BookBook iPad case is a beautifully designed and unique approach to iPad protection. It’s also versatile with its ability to easily prop and position the iPad to a user’s liking, and its hard, book-cover like materials also offers substantial protection. Because of its unique, protective, and versatile design, we recommend this case to iPad users. The case comes in either red, brown, or black (we tested the black), and it sells for $79.99. The iPad BookBook supports the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad.

We also took another look at the BookBook for iPhone, an iPhone case that offers similar features to the iPad BookBook, but for the smaller screen. The iPhone version runs for $59.99.

See our full gallery of the iPad BookBook, below, for a closer look.