Since its launch a couple of months ago, I have been using the Twelve South GhostStand as a stand for my MacBook Pro. Ideally, the stand is supposed to be used as a way to prop up a laptop’s display to be used with an external mouse and keyboard. However, in my current setup, I lack external input devices, but the stand has been excellent for making room on my desk for other work and watching movies. Sometimes, it is also helpful to use the computer (with its built in keyboard and trackpad) while its propped up on the stand.

As for the accessory itself, the build quality is great, and it is easy to setup. The GhostStand ships with two pieces that you connect together to form the stand. It is not recommended that users take the stand apart after setup. The stand includes a soft material on the bottom so you don’t have to worry about scratching your desk or other places in which you might place the GhostStand. The stand works with MacBooks of all kinds, including the classic models, Airs, Pros, and Retina Pros.

It runs for $34.99, and it a great option for those looking to extend their notebook experience with an external keyboard and mouse.