We were impressed with the TidyTilt iPhone accessory when it appeared on Kickstarter a number of months ago, and, now, we have been able to finally get our hands on the product. The TidyTilt is a solution to the long-existing iPhone earphone tangling and organization problem. The TidyTilt solves that issue in addition to adding some cool new benefits to the iPhone.

The TidyTilt is reminiscent of the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad Smart Cover. It’s a well-built cover-like product with magnets. Since the iPhone does not include magnets like the past two iPad generations, TidyTilt includes a sticker that is placed on the back edges of the iPhone. This sticker includes a magnet base that is strong enough to hold the TidyTilt.

At heart, the TidyTilt is a product that keeps your iPhone earphones “tidy.” As shown in the image above, a user simply wraps their earphones around the iPhone + TidyTilt, folds the TidyTilt’s sides, and the earphones are organized into a fashion that will not tangle.

In addition to offering a solution to that problem, the TidyTilt acts like a Smart Cover in that it can prop your iPhone into ideal positions for typing, video watching, gaming, and more.

In addition, the product’s magnet base allows you to easily attach an iPhone to a whiteboard or refrigerator.

The TidyTilt comes in black, blue, green, and pink and is available for $29.99. We recommend it for anyone who wants an easy, versatile solution to iPhone earphone organization and tangling problems.

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