Today we’re taking a look at what might be the best Apple Watch dock in the business. If you’re tired of just plopping your iPhone or Apple Watch on a table at night, this is a much better alternative. Meet Enblue Technology’s Premium One W2 dual dock and charging stand. Quite possibly one of the longest accessory names I’ve heard, but I’ll easily forgive that for the functionality it brings along…

If you’re thinking this looks familiar, it’s because my colleague Jeremy reviewed a different model a while back, which you can find here. This dock is awesome. There are no cables to mess with really and everything is clean and presentable. On the left side you’ll find a vertical riser for the Apple Watch, while the right side has a built-in Lightning connector and stand for any compatible iPhone. While the Lighting cable is integrated into the W2 dock, you’ll still need to bring-your-own Apple Watch cable.

The good news is, everything fits together seamlessly and no cables are visible from the sides or front of the dock. It’s quite beautiful. It’s made from aluminum and carries over that classy Apple look and feel. Check out our review video below for a closer look:


With the W2, you’ll get a multi-port charging block that can be used to feed power through the integrated Lightning cable and Apple Watch cable, as well as another extra port for whatever you may need. The cabling runs throughout the body of the dock and out the back end with no visible doors or lines that hint to the cable location.

There’s a small hidden door on the inside of the vertical dock, but other than that the design is flawless. The bottom also features a couple of micro-suction pads to keep it sturdy on your desk. It’s a dock, so there’s obviously not much to say about it, but it’s one of the best dual device docks I’ve used.

Ready for the downside? Well, it’ll set you back around $115, which I find to be a bit on the expensive side. Though, it’s build quality definitely feels on point with the price. It’s available in a few different colors and there are actually a couple of additional models that will dock more/less devices depending on your situation.

Overall, I find it to be an outstanding dock and would definitely recommend it, but the price point may scare a few people away. I can’t hate this thing. It provides everything I need in a neat package and keeps my nightstand cable- and clutter-free. It’s without a doubt, my favorite dock. For an in-depth look at this dock, check out our review video embedded above.