If you’re looking for the best iPhone case ever made, look no further.

When it comes to iPhone cases I’ve tried just about all of them: Protective cases from companies like Otterbox, Lifeproof, and HardCandy, super-slim cases that add barely any bulk to the device, wallet cases for holding cash and cards, and just about everything in between. It’s true I’ve long preferred the look and feel of the naked iPhone in my hand opposed to a case, but I’ve now found a case that truly does the Jony Ive-designed hardware inside justice. It’s a case that’s converted me from one of those annoying blowhards constantly boasting about not using a case to someone that won’t leave home without it.

I’ve finally found the perfect case… Disclaimer: I like leather. If you want to stick a big chunk of construction-grade plastic on your phone then go for it. Those cases are the reason I didn’t use one in the first place. I much prefer the high-quality leather, French hem seams, and hand finished wood on the Luxury Pocket Book sent to me by Pad & Quill.

The first thing I noticed about the Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Book is the incredible amount of attention to detail. The high-quality full grain bag leather is the same used on its high-end bags and is super soft to the touch, the iPhone slides into a masterfully polished piece of Baltic birch like a glove, and every stitch and opening is aligned perfectly. It really is incredible that the company makes the majority of the product by hand in Minneapolis. As the company puts it: “This is a bit excessive, but that’s the idea.”

The attention to detail starts before you even see the product with Luxury Pocket Book’s unique packaging. That’s Pad & Quill’s logo in a real wax seal in the image below:

While the Luxury Pocket Book might add a little extra bulk to your iPhone compared to your average think silicon case, it’s actually on the thin side for a wallet case at 0.55” thick and ample room for cash and cards. There’s three card slots with one transparent pocket to let an ID or other card show through.

Behind the card pockets is a large main wallet pocket where you can slide cash or other cards. Very subtle Pad & Quill logos are embossed into the leather on one of the pockets, the outside cover, and the spine, and a thick elastic band stretches around the case to keep everything closed and secure. At first I thought the elastic band was a bit of compromise for not building in magnets or something else clever to keep it shut, but it actually comes in handy for a few reasons (more on that below).

There are other nice touches too, like Pad & Quill’s signature ribbon bookmark, that make it immediately noticeable the people at the company labor over every detail for every inch of the case.

I went with the “Dark Chocolate” exterior color on the outside joined by a French seam to the “Deep Sea Blue” leather on the inside. The company also offers a lighter Whiskey brown exterior color and “Forest Green” and “Slate Gray” interiors. While the pockets and entire inside are covered in leather, attached to one side is a gorgeous chunk of handcrafted Baltic birch that acts as a cradle for your iPhone.

I was a little worried at first that my iPhone might get beat up when sliding in and out of the wood cradle, but it actually has a really soft satin finish and soft spongy material in the corners. Not only did I not experience any damage to my device, but I was also quite impressed with how perfectly the iPhone fit in the wood cradle. It’s tight enough that your iPhone won’t fall out but you can also easily pop the device in and out without struggling like with most cases I’ve used. The wood cradle of course has openings that allow access to your power/volume buttons, speakers/mic, etc, as does the back of the leather case for the iPhone’s camera.

Should you buy it? 

Yes. If you’re looking for a leather wallet case for iPhone, go to their site immediately and purchase one. You won’t regret it. I don’t often do full reviews of iPhone cases (because I didn’t use them very often), and the company isn’t paying me a cent to write this, but since getting the Luxury Pocket Book I can’t stop recommending it. The company sells the Luxury Pocket Book for iPhone 5s/5 that I reviewed today for $89.99 in various colors, and also has slightly different Pocket Books for other iPhone models starting as low as $39.