We do our best to keep the power cords tidy and out of view, and it’s easy with the gadgets that always stay in the same spot, such as the air fryer. For others like the stand mixer, we regularly pull it to the front of the counter when using it and then it’s back to its corner. I get it — keeping “unsightly” cords unseen isn’t exactly one of the major issues of our time, but it does make the space look less messy. This simple product promises to help, but is it worth it?

The Cord Wrapper

Simply called the Cord Wrapper, it’s a patented tool that basically consists of a round piece of plastic you attach to a flat or slightly curved surface with adhesive. Then you just wrap the cord around it, as the name suggests. Here are a few specs:

Constructed of synthetic plastic polymer3-inch diameter, 1.5-inches tallStores up to 5 feet of cordHeat-resistant adhesive up to 200 degreesSold in packs of 2 for $24.99 (choice of black or white)

Besides the kitchen, the Cord Wrapper could be used in bathrooms to manage cords for hairdryers and similar products or organize various cords covering the desk in your home office.

Simple to use

I was sent a 2-pack to review, and there’s not much to putting the Cord Wrapper to use, as described in the instructions on the package lid. Wipe it, peel it, stick, wrap it … and that’s it. Although, you do need to be mindful of what you’re sticking it to, avoiding textured and other surfaces that adhesive tape typically has trouble with. The “wipe it” part of the directions involves the included alcohol prep pad. Once you pick the spot, which in my case was a flat-ish area on our old KitchenAid stand mixer, you simply wipe it down before attaching the Cord Wrapper. Wait a few minutes, and you’re good to go in wrapping the excess cord. Weeks later, it’s still holding strong, while making it easy to unwrap and rewrap the mixer’s cord. The second location: Side of bathroom counter to hang my wife’s hairdryer. It’s a thick cord so I could only wrap so much of it around, but it got the excess off the floor. Now it looks nice and tidy.

Is the Cord Wrapper worth it?

As I mentioned, there’s really not much to the Cord Wrapper. It’s a well-designed piece of plastic that has one job to do, and it seems to do it well. My only hang-up is the $24.99 price for a 2-pack, but it is a patented product with a unique design. So if you’re someone who’s bugged by the sight of unkempt cords everywhere, the price for this type of organization might not matter. The Cord Wrapper comes in white and black, but be absolutely positive where you put it. The replacement adhesive discs cost $4.99. One final note … While I do appreciate what the Cord Wrapper can do for kitchen and bathroom counters, it’s a little too bulky for use on a desk. To get your charging cables and anything else like that under control, I recommend this cable organizer set that costs less than $10.