If you’ve been around the jailbreak community for a while, it’s possible that you’re familiar with the popular iOS 5/6 gesture-based lock screen tweak Stride. This tweak worked as a lock screen passcode alternative and allowed users to set a custom gesture to unlock an iOS device.

Created by the popular tweak developer Adam Bell, Stride is making a comeback and is fully compatible with iOS 7 devices. This exciting release provides a very similar experience, but has been given a very clean makeover. This results in a beautiful native-like iOS 7 gesture-based lock screen and I just can’t get enough of it.

Once installed, you’ll need to head into the Settings app and set up a passcode (or gesture) within Stride 2’s preferences. The native-style experience makes the process a breeze and once you’re done recording the gesture, tap the “save” button to continue. Stride also requires that you set a passcode as a backup option and it’s also fully compatible if you have Touch ID enabled on an iPhone 5s.

Check out Stride 2’s video review below:


Within the preferences you’ll also have the ability to quickly enable/disable Stride 2 or hide the green highlight that traces your path on the lock screen. When in use, Stride 2 will replace the default passcode screen with a blank “Draw Your Passcode” canvas, but you can access the standard iOS 7 passcode entry method by tapping “cancel” on the lock screen.

Here’s a brief description of Stride 2 from Cydia:

Stride 2 may be an extremely simple tweak, but it’s definitely one of my favorite releases in a while. If you’d like to check it out yourself, Stride 2 can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $2.99. Check out the video review for a closer look at it.