Now that AirPods Pro have been in the wild for about a month we’re starting to see accessories arrive from reputable brands. Spigen is out with its AirPods Pro case lineup and we’ve been able to check them out over the last couple of weeks.

Spigen has three options for AirPods Pro owners with the Silicone Fit, Tough Armor, and Rugged Armor cases. We got our hands on the Silicone Fit and the Tough Armor.

Spigen AirPods Pro case highlights:

  • Precisely designed for the Apple AirPods Pro (2019)
  • Soft silicone provides a comfortable grip
  • Shock-absorbent and resistant to scratches
  • Slim and lightweight with pocket-friendliness
  • Includes a key ring carabiner for easy portability


As Spigen notes, these cases are “precisely designed” for AirPods Pro. In my testing, I found that to be the case. For me, it was smoothest to put the bottom portion of the case on first and then do the top.

You might need to take off and put the top back on (or massage it) to get it to line up evenly on both sides with a flush fit between the top and bottom. There is a small gap at the back of all the cases to allow for the hinge to operate smoothly.


The silicone provides a great soft, yet grippy finish to the naturally slippery AirPods Pro case. One downside (not unique to this product but an issue with all silicone cases) is that you’ll pick up fuzzies and dust. But that’s just part of the deal with silicone.


Some nice details on all of Spigen’s AirPods Pro cases include a cutout for the LED indicator on the front of the case, an embossed area on top of the pairing button on the back of the case, a keychain loop (carabiner included), and support for wireless and wired charging.

The cutout for the Lightning port is generous so there won’t be any issues with any third-party cables.

Between the Silicone FIt, Tough Armor, and Rugged Armor, Spigen offers a simple contour matching of the AirPods Pro case to a blockier more robust design with the Tough Armor.


The Silicone Fit AirPods Pro case comes in black, charcoal, pink, and white. Meanwhile, the Tough Armor is available in black, charcoal, and military green. I can see folks going for the military green to complement their midnight green iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max.

The Rugged Armor is sort of a middle ground in design between the Silicone Fit and the Tough Armor and just comes in black.


If you’re looking for an easy way to protect your AirPods Pro case and/or add a little personality with some color, Spigen’s AirPods Pro case lineup is easy to recommend, especially with prices between $14-$25.

These will also make great stocking stuffers as some of your loved ones may already have or will be getting AirPods Pro soon.

Direct from Spigen, the Silicone Fit and Tough Armor are estimated to ship in 15 days, with the Rugged Case currently out 30 days.