Apple Watch charging stands are sure to be a popular item as the device needs charging nightly. Not everyone, however, needs a dock that costs more than the charging cable that’s sold separately, and accessory maker Spigen has an affordable alternative for them.

The $24.99 Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330 combines attractive aluminum and rubberized TPU to produce a minimal Apple Watch charging stand. It resembles the base of an iMac with a smaller footprint than other options and a price that won’t break the bank. Read on for my first impressions and hands-on photos with the Spigen Apple Watch Stand below.


Key Details:

  • Supports any Apple Watch model
  • Combines aluminum and TPU to support and protect watch surface
  • Requires your own Apple Magnetic Charging Cable
  • No assembly needed aside from inserting the charging cable
  • Available in silver with black headpiece
  • 2-year warranty

Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330 achieves a minimal and lightweight design while maintaining thoughtfulness in a few important areas. Measuring 4 inches by 2.5 inches at its base with a height just over 4 inches, S330 is fine for a small night stand or messy desk. Its use of metal means it’s substantial enough to not get pulled off a table, and tiny rubber feet help it grip the surface below it. Spigen’s choice of aluminum adds a negligible amount of weight to a bag during travel as well.

While most of S330 is comprised of silver Mac-matching aluminum, the area where your Apple Watch connects correctly uses rubberized TPU to avoid scratching either the stand or more importantly your watch.

The headpiece serves as the landing zone for your Apple Watch for easily dropping it on the charger (rather than connecting the charger to your watch). The surface is thoughtfully angled at 45º to make viewing the Apple Watch display while it’s charging possible versus when the screen is face up charging with the cable alone.

Like other Apple Watch stands we’ve seen, S330 won’t charge your Apple Watch on its own. You’ll need to supply your own Apple Magnetic Charging Cable. The one included with the Apple Watch or Apple Watch Sport is fine, or you can pick up a spare 1 meter or 2 meter one sold separately by Apple for either $29 or $39. The cheaper and shorter version is ideal for use with a charging stand on a night side table in my experience, although the longer option may be neccesary for use on a desk.

Setup is dead-simple: just feed the cable through the circle cutout in the headpiece with the concave side facing up; this will hold the Apple Watch up and charge it when connected. In the same motion, you’ll want to secure the charger’s cable through the cutout groove; the remainder of the wire simply drapes through the slot on the side of the stand for feeding to the wall outlet. The result is an attractive and professional looking stand for your Apple Watch both when it’s charging and when S330 sits on your desk or night stand alone.

Aside from tightly securing the magnetic end and beginning of the cable, S330’s minimal design doesn’t do much service for concealing the rest of the white cord; that task is on you. S330 is available in silver aluminum with black TPU at the top, while the attached charging cable adds a splash of white when your watch is removed. While it may not pop on a dark surface as much, an all-black option would be killer in my opinion, especially if you own a Space Black model Apple Watch. (Sidenote: I’ll instabuy the first Apple-certified, all-black Apple Watch charging cable.)

If you like the Jony Ive designed iMac base look for your Apple Watch, then Spigen nails the minimal charging stand with the S330. Where it lacks in its ability to hide the required Apple Magnetic Charging Cable, it excels in providing a buy-it-and-forget-it priced option for potential Apple Watch stand customers. It’s half the price of a spare Sport band and $5-$15 less than an extra Magnetic Charging Cable and not much more than our DIY charging case solution. If you just want to buy an Apple Watch stand for your desk or night stand and not think twice about the price, Spigen Apple Watch Stand S330 is a no-brainer option. Available to purchase now, orders will start shipping on Monday, May 18th.

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