The 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro has arrived and we’re seeing the first reviews land today taking a closer look at Apple’s latest notebook with the reliable Magic Keyboard. No surprises overall but take a look below as The Verge, TechCrunch, Engadget, Jason Snell, MKBHD, and UrAvgConsumer highlight why the new 13-inch MacBook Pro is a “strong and safe bet” and also the “awkward middle child” of the MacBook lineup.

The three big changes for the 13-inch MacBook Pro include the long-awaited switch from the butterfly keyboard to the scissor switch Magic Keyboard, double the base storage (now 256GB), and 10th gen Intel processors in the higher-end models that start at $1,799.

The Verge concludes:

TechCrunch detailed how good it is to see the Magic Keyboard arrive on the new MacBook Pro but also notes that one downside is how the 2020 MacBook Air complicates matters. All in all though, TC calls the 13-inch MacBook Pro a “strong and safe bet.”

MKBHD gives some praise for the physical escape key and inverted t arrow keys that come with the Magic Keyboard update. But he also highlights that this wouldn’t be much of an upgrade outside of the Magic Keyboard change.

For most users, the Air should be plenty for most tasks. For those who need more power without breaking their backs or banks, however, the 13-inch model is still a strong and safe bet that’s now much easier on the fingers.

Given the pricing and performance, he says it puts the 13-inch MacBook Pro in an “awkward middle child spot again” since those who really care about performance will likely look to the 16-inch MacBook Pro and those who are more budget-focused and don’t high performance will look to the MacBook Air.

In closing out his review, MKBHD highlights questions linger about a 14-inch MacBook Pro and that we could see Apple’s first ARM MacBook before long.

Engadget says it’s “easier to recommend” and thinks there’s enough of a difference to differentiate the 13-inch Pro from the Air. And like others, the biggest thing to be happy about is the Magic Keyboard.

YouTuber UrAvgConsumer highlights that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is another choice for users to consider when figuring out the right balance of portability and power. But again, he notes that if you really value/need power, you’ll likely want to look at the 16-inch MacBook Pro and if you’re looking for portability for general use, the MacBook Air is likely the best bet.

Jason Snell writing at Six Colors says:

He’s also got a nice comparison graph after running some test on the higher-end model that Apple gave him:

Also, check out our detailed breakdown for how the 13-inch MacBook Pro compares to the MacBook Air and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

And for some insight on the 8th gen vs 10th gen Intel chips in the 13-inch Pro vs the MacBook Air with 10th gen Intel chips, check out Dave Lee’s video below:

Top image via UrAvgConsumer