RoboMouse HD is a new iPad strategy and tower-defense game from LongKoo Studio. It features a straightforward premise and easy-to-pickup gameplay mechanic that can be quickly learned, but takes time to master. While the strategy game genre is not lacking for entries, RoboMouse HD is a fun addition to the existing landscape that can provide hours of fun. Keep reading for our full review to find out why you should grab your own copy.

As the title implies, RoboMouse HD puts players in command of an army of mouse-defending gun towers. As waves of rabbit invaders march, drive, or fly into your territory, you must decide where and when to place various defensive towers. Defeating invaders gets you more coins so you can afford to place more towers, or increase the strength of towers you’ve already placed.  Defenses getting overrun? Make fire or ice rain down upon the rabbit invaders to deter them further. Preventing enough of the invaders from reaching mouse headquarters advances you to the next level.

I have been playing strategy games similar to RoboMouse for a few years now, and compared to RoboMouse the other games in this category now feel antiquated. RoboMouse HD revitalizes this genre of casual tower defense game and brings it to the iPad with a clever, visually-rich style. The levels feature a nice variety of themes, including autumn leaves and barren deserts.

The audio design of the game, especially the music, is a bit unimpressive, although in my opinion that does not constitute much of a deal-breaker.  I thoroughly enjoy RoboMouse HD and would highly recommend it for casual gamers and lovers of strategy or tower-defense games. You can get it now on the App Store for $1.99.