If you’ve been looking for high quality in-ear headphones, RHA has a very special treat for you. The T10i headphones pack unique characteristics when compared to others. The presentation is excellent and it won’t be easy to find similar in-ear headphones in this price range…

Whenever I’m looking into a new product, presentation is everything. It’s one of the first things that wins me over. RHA’s T10i headphones are beautifully packaged and include anything you could possibly need to get set up. Inside of the box you’ll find ten replacement ear tips, nine of which are stored on a thin metal card for easy organization, three pairs of “tuning filters” (which we’ll discuss in a bit), a shirt clip, a carrying case, and the user manual.

The tips that ship with the T10i come in various sizes and are mostly made from silicon, but you also get two pairs of memory foam tips for extra noise isolation. The cable is made from oxygen-free copper and is 1.35m in length with a rugged steel end point that is home to its gold plated 3.5mm headphone connector.

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Along the top end of the cable, you’ll find moldable over-ear hooks that will allow you to give the headphones a custom fit around the backside of your ear. The housing of the drivers is made from injection molded stainless steel which are designed with a very comfortable ergonomic fit. They hardly stick out of your ear at all and are very lightweight. There’s also an in-line remote with a microphone along the cable that will work perfectly for taking calls, play/pause, changing tracks, and adjusting the volume.

As mentioned, these headphones include three tuning filters which will allow you to fine-tune the frequency response to your liking. The filters can be swapped out very easily by unscrewing them from the earbud, giving you the option of using different filters for certain genres of music. With this, you have the option of Bass, Reference, and Treble filters to choose from and I was a bit surprised at the difference they actually made in the audio. At first, I assumed it would be somewhat of a gimmick, but these filters actually changed the sound. For a closer look at the tuning filters, check out our video review.

Remember that carrying case? Well, to my surprise it actually stores everything that the T10i headphones include. I was quite pleased with the ability to bring all of the accessories with me, just in case I need to swap something out on-the-fly.

The only feedback I have is that I wish the cable was braided or tangle-free, but that’s certainly not a deal breaker here. If RHA ever releases a Bluetooth version of these in-ear headphones, I will start throwing money at my computer. I was very impressed with the sound, design, and accessories, but a Bluetooth model would change the game.

These are great in-ear headphones with fantastic sound in its price range. You can find the RHA T10i in-ear headphones for $199, but the company also produces a model without the in-line remote which can be had for $189. If they’re within your budget, I highly recommend giving them a look. For more information about other products from RHA, check out their official website.