This is software is literally an answered prayer to our woes. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is basically free data recovery software. This software offers a fast and effective way to recover deleted files or lost files on your computer or laptop. The software can be used by Mac, Windows, Android as well as iOS.

How the Software Works

After installing the software, one can search for the files or documents they would like scanned. After selecting which file you would like scanned, right-click and choose the option “recover”. However, one should keep in mind that the scan is restricted to one location or file. The software offers two types of scans: A quick scan and a Deep scan. They both differ in the amount of data that they can recover, and the amount of time taken to retrieve the files. For example, the quick scan recovers fewer amounts of data or files as compared to a deep scan. The decision on which type of scan to use depends on the user.

Benefits of the Software

The EaseUS Data Recovery Software not only recovers deleted files but recovers files regardless of the type of device. What I mean is that this free data recovery software can recover deleted files from storage devices, digital devices and so forth. Its use is not only restricted to a computer or a laptop. Moreover, it can recover all types of files including videos, audios regardless of their format type. The software is very user-friendly and not complicated at all in its use.

Features the Software Has To Offer

The free data Recovery software also offers a backup and recovery solution. This secures and safeguards your computer from any mishaps that may happen. This software warns you beforehand if your computer or device is at risk, and even offers a solution to the problem. The next feature that is extremely beneficial is the EaseUS Partition Master. This feature basically helps you manage your space on your computer, as well as partition appropriately for optimal performance. In conclusion, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers trial run software before having you purchase it. This allows you to test out its effectiveness and efficiency. The solution to a stress-free life is just one click away.