This protects customers against fictitious reviewers, although genuine accounts may be misreported, in which case you may lose the ability to publish reviews.

Types of behaviour that are prohibited under the site’s review policy:

A retailer that reviews their goods (or that of a competitor)Sellers that provide discounts or other incentives in exchange for reviews even if these offers come from a third party. Review by Family members or seller’s Employees. Cases in which a vendor requests that a customer remove or change a review.

a) Many reviews are posted frequently

b) Customer reviews may include questionable comments.

c) Client account hacked to post a fake review.

Before Appealing, Do These

Reviews that may have one or all the below may be flagged suspicious:

Technical product descriptions. Polished grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Reviewers who describe an item as if they do not own it are not trustworthy. A style that is more literary than a natural speaking tone.

A review containing such content may be marked as a paid review. This is even though an actual client wrote it.

When your review privileges are terminated for something you did not do, regardless of the cause, it is not a pleasant experience. There is an appeals procedure for reviews that were removed, limited, or prohibited.

Speak with a representative and discuss the problem you’re having. They will then inspect it. There is no guarantee that your reviewing rights will be restored. It is, however, possible to get your account validated and erased of any questionable activity. If your court appeal to restore your review capabilities is unsuccessful, you must register a new account to reactivate reviews.

Q: How do I get more verified reviews on amazon?

Check out the different product categories for your niche and read reviews.  Check amazon’s help section for more information about feedback and reviews.

Q: What are the benefits of being verified?

A: Once verified, buyers can be more confident buying products from your store.