Pocket, the bookmarking service formerly know as Read It Later, just released a slick new Mac version of their iOS app. The new app sports most of the features you’ve come to enjoy if you’ve used the iPhone and iPad versions, and the design is similar enough to the mobile versions that you’ll feel right at home the second you start it.

Like its iOS counterpart, the app displays optimized, stripped-down views of web pages that are designed to eliminate the clutter of ads and other annoyances and let you focus on the text you’re reading. This also applies to YouTube videos, meaning you can watch all of the videos in your queue without worrying you’ll be sucked into the endless cycle of clicking on related videos until you end up in that weird part of YouTube no one likes to acknowledge.

Of course, if you prefer the full view of an article, you can always hit a button on the toolbar to show the entire page. Other queue management features include the ability to mark links as read, keep a list of your favorite links for later, filter your reading list by media type. Support for filters allows you tag your links so you can easily find them later. You can also share your links with friends through Twitter, Facebook, Buffer, and more.

I have been looking for a solid Pocket client for my Mac for a long time, and Pocket for Mac fits my need perfectly. The interface is clean and easy to use, and the optimized articles make reading through the nearly seventy items in my queue much easier than if I were to read them all on their own web pages. If you’re using the Pocket website to manage your Pocket queue on your Mac, I highly recommend downloading Pocket for Mac.

The app is available for free right now from the Mac App Store. We’ve got a gallery of the key features below for your perusal.