Perfect Shot by TapMedia is a new iOS 7 app that is designed to make it very easy to take the perfect pictures of their friends and family. While holding either an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, to take a picture, Perfect Shot detects how many people are in the image. The app monitors and detects everyone’s sets of eyes and their smiles. Once everyone in the group is not blinking and smiling, the app automatically snaps the photo, without the need for the user to press the shutter button.

Perfect Shot also can detect when you (yourself) are in prime position for a photo. The “selfies” I’ve taken of myself with this app are the best I’ve ever taken on an iPhone. They sometimes even look like professional head shots. My eyes are centered and straight, as opposed to being crooked or unfocused because I’m concentrating on the act of trying to take a good shot of myself.

The face recognition skills are superb, even if the people are barely smiling, or if their eyes are barely open it still is able to recognize that they are smiling and that their eyes are open. You do not have to have Perfect Shot detect both smiling and blinking and tapping on the gear icon in the lower right hand corner allows you to control whether or not you want it to detect both. I like how the Settings menu is clear and transparent with the frosted glass so you can still have a glimpse at what the people are doing in your shots.

The app does store the pictures inside the app. To view them, you press the preview button in the lower left hand corner and it will generate a list of small thumbnail previews. You are able to delete more than one picture at a time, by pressing the edit button in the upper right hand corner.

However, you are not able to share more than one picture at a time. By tapping on the small preview, you will have the share button in the lower left hand corner, and you are able to share the picture with Facebook, Twitter, via email, and to your Camera Roll.

The next update for this app, version 1.3, will include VoiceOver support. VoiceOver will tell low-vision and legally blind users how many people are in the picture and if they are blinking and/or smiling. I feel this is going to be a successful app in the VoiceOver community because of its ease of use and barely having to control the app to use it. This is app is also great for people with motor deficiencies because they barely have to hold the device to take a picture or they can just set the device up on a tripod and have the app do the work.

Perfect Shot by TapMedia is now on sale in the App Store for $0.99. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds are going to the DevFund, an organization that gathers donations strictly from the sale of apps. Since DevFund’s launch in February of 2012 they have raised $16,371.84 and donated to charities. I am really liking this concept of app’s that give back to the community and donate money. Next time I go out to eat with my friends and family, I’ll be taking the perfect shot of them with Perfect Shot and sharing my food pics with Feedie.