Otterbox, the renowned creator of some of the best mobile device protective accessories on the market, recently released a version of its popular Defender Series case for the new iPhone 5. Like its Defender products for other mobile phones and devices, the number one priority of the iPhone 5 Defender case is top-notch protection all around the device. We’ve been using the case for a couple of weeks, and we think that it lives up to the Defender name…

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Like Defenders built for Apple’s older handsets, the case features two main points of protection: a hard, protective inner plastic shell and a rugged, rubber covering over that. With those two elements of protection, your iPhone 5 is safe from scratches, minor drops, major drops/falls, and more.

Here are some of our favorite features of the case:

  • Built in plastic screen shield that doesn’t affect usage of the iPhone 5’s Multi-Touch display.
  • All visible ports on the iPhone 5 are covered with easily adjustable covers in the rubber outer-layer.
  • While the case adds some thickness and bulk, we think it is fairly reasonable for such high-end, heavy duty protection. If you are going to use your iPhone in environments that it can become damaged in, the trade-off is a no-brainer. See the below image gallery for better detail.
  • Like with many past versions of the Defender, a belt clip is included. It doubles as a stand and works well for watching video on the iPhone 5’s 16:9 screen.

One slight issue that we have with the case is removing the iPhone 5 from the plastic inner-shell is somewhat difficult and annoying. However, that’s apparently the case’s trade-off for locking your iPhone in great protection.

We recommend the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5 for those seeking one of the top consumer-priced pieces of iPhone 5 protection on the market.

We also had the oppurtunity to test out Otterbox’s new iPhone 5 Commuter Series case. That case only has a single layer of protection (in addition to the belt clip), making your iPhone 5 less secure than it would be in the Defender, but it is a nice solution for those looking for a less-expensive Otterbox product that still offers a solid standard of protection for your new iPhone.

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