Review on Infinite LTE Data

Customers are generally pleased with the service, with the lone complaint being signal difficulties in locations with a high volume of interference signals. That is something that Infinite LTE Data is open about. It has a complete policy but has low prices alternatives for people who prepaid for 3 or 6 monthly terms.

Pricing and Packages

With its price tiers, Infinite LTE Data has a simple setup. In essence, it provides a unified plan for all of its subscribers and several prepaid choices to reduce the price of the service. The Unlimited Internet Option is provided for $70 monthly, including all costs and taxes. When you select the calendar plan from one month to another, you will receive this fee.

Prepay for three months

Customers receive a $5 monthly concession and pay $70 monthly, which is invoiced to almost $195 at the start of the 3-month cycle (a $15 savings).

Six-month prepayment plan:

Customers save $10 every month and pay $60 monthly. Individuals will be invoiced almost $360at the start of the 6-month cycle (a $60 savings).

Network Administration and Efficiency

Infinite LTE Data does not provide any statistics for uploading and downloading speeds. However, they do mention that the speeds are depending on a range of factors, including proximity from the tower, topography, and other considerations that will have a significant bearing on the actual effective speeds you receive. They also state that any hotspot unit that is beyond three to four miles away from the towers will begin to lose consistency and, as a result, speed. It also is worth noting that they don’t promise speeds and won’t sell packages in locations with poor signal because they won’t be capable of delivering a good service. This is a good degree of transparency from a service.


Fees Infinite LTE Data is open about the extra prices and displays them all on their webpage. They are indeed presented during the buying process, and you can examine them carefully before finalizing the transaction. All sales taxes and costs are that are included in the pricing stated on the webpage, but there are two more to consider: shipping fees and a commencement fee. So, in contrast to your subscription charge, you’ll have to consider the following costs for your first payout:

A one-time initiation cost of $75 is charged for registering an account and registering the SIM card. There is a $15 cost for guaranteed expedited shipping through the USPS.

Advantages and disadvantages

You can try Infinite LTE Data service bundles risk-free for 2 weeks, but keep in mind that the 2-week period begins with the time of purchase, not the moment you obtain the bundle. You will receive a complete refund for the equipment you purchased, but the registration cost will not be refunded!

Infinite LTE Data is upfront about the exact fees customers will have to deal with, whether it comes to a monthly or 3- or 6-month prepaid schedule. Extra charges will not be added to your account, and customers can terminate at any moment.

You won’t need to acquire any of their equipment if you already have tablets that feature the hotspot capability. Alternately, you may acquire just the SIM card and pay a subscription on a month-to-month schedule, offering you greater versatility and making it great for frequent travelers.

After obtaining the payment arrangement and gear from the company, you shall receive a letter with all invoicing and technical service information, as well as set up guidelines and login details. Their service is based in the United States, and clients can reach them by phone, however, the contact information is not published on their help website. They do state that the contact is just sent as part of the gear bundle, yet the contact 505-926-1725 is listed on the SIM card–only “website”, which is fairly misleading.

Infinite LTE Data is an excellent choice for people who are constantly active, spend much time traveling, and do not use software that uses heavy data. The hotspot gadgets they give are adequate for the ordinary family, and they are reasonably priced in comparison to other remote internet companies.

What is the dependability of LTE internet?

LTE is a better, rising, wireless communications technology. Furthermore, if a strong LTE signal is available, it is quite dependable. It is particularly ideal for heavy applications software requiring quick speeds due to its quick connection and increased bandwidth.