Dish Network offers Internet service that fits the needs of everyone from heavy streamers to those just logging on once in a while. This review on Dish Network internet will help you decide if Dish Network internet service is right for you!

So now let’s get on to the Dish network internet review.

Download Speed

Dish offers a speed tier of up to 15 Mbps. You may have seen advertisements touting higher speeds—up to 60 Mbps—but those are only available in some selected cities. Downloading and streaming content on a 15 Mbps connection is no problem, but do expect problems if you plan on downloading huge files or heavy streams simultaneously. Speed and consistency are where satellite providers often lose out, so it’s not hard to see why. They struggle to compete with other broadband providers when it comes to pure network bandwidth, making their services slower than cable in many cases (10Mbps down is typical).

 However, if you don’t live in a highly-populated area and don’t need super-fast internet speeds, Dish could be an ideal option for you. It has a few weaknesses to speak of and consistently provides a strong user experience overall.


Dish has three internet packages with prices ranging from $39.99-$59.99 a month. 

The first plan is your standard speed and was designed for average households that just want to surf the web and check their email while they’re at home or work.  The second plan is designed to increase browsing speed and can handle streaming media; it also costs $10 more than what you’d pay for service on package one.  Packages two and three are comparable in price, but package three provides higher speeds, so if you’re thinking about streaming movies or TV, it might be worth an extra 10 bucks a month.

Customer Service & Tech Support

Customer service and tech support can help to make or break your experience with a company. The dish is good at both. Tech support representatives are professional, friendly, and will likely speak fluent tech jargon—because they do it all day every day. Customers love their helpfulness and speed of response: Users note that though you may have to wait up to 45 minutes for a representative when calling during busy hours, they’re always polite and ready to assist as soon as possible. For example, some users say that customer service was especially helpful when troubleshooting was required because they were able to get through to a real person (not just an automated system) quickly. 

Pay-Per-View Options

There are many packages of programming that you can choose from with Dish. Generally, they offer packages where you can get around 100 channels or more for anywhere between $50 and $200 a month. The major advantage to using Dish is that there are very few limits on what you can watch. In other words, if there is a channel that shows programming you want to watch, then it is almost certain that Dish will be able to provide it to you without much problem (assuming your area gets good satellite reception). 

The satellite provider also features many classic channels, including AMC and TCM. While watching movies on pay-per-view is convenient for customers who do not have a cable box at home, it does cost money on top of what your package already costs per month.

The Concluding Words

It’s a lot cheaper than cable internet but isn’t always as fast. This can be an issue for customers who want to stream HD videos or play online games. It’s still a good option for many people in rural areas with little to no competition from other providers. They offer packages ranging from 6 Mbps up to 100 Mbps and beyond, so there is usually something for everyone. If you live far out in a rural area or otherwise don’t have access to a broadband connection, the Dish network could be your best bet.

The Final Say…

Dish network is a great company for people who love having options for entertainment. Dish offers more than just internet, they also offer satellite television services. Dish offers many great features to their customers such as free installation, free HD programming, and crystal clear picture quality. If you are looking to save money on your satellite bill, Dish network can be a great option as well. It’s important to research your options before making any big decisions when it comes to choosing an internet provider or cable company. 

This way you can make sure that you are getting the best deal available and a service that fits your needs best!