Nurvv Run provides an edge to runners who are looking to shed time and improve running technique by delivering premium coaching and performance metrics directly to your iPhone and Apple Watch.

As we introduced in the spring, the Nurvv Run is a $299 insole with a detachable tracker. They fit under the sole of your current shoe with the tracker conveniently attached to the outer rim of the shoe. The insoles relay the data to the clip-on rechargeable trackers using 16 pressure sensors on each foot. The rechargeable trackers last for about five hours with the embedded GPS, Bluetooth, and ANT radios. These smart insoles give you professional trainer-level data and insights to improve your running form and deliver the tools to make you run faster.

Getting started

The setup is simple and starts with the size selection. Nurvv’s insoles have six size variations for women and five for men and slide nicely under the shoe’s sole. There is a slight inconvenience for shoes with an embedded sole, like the Nike VaporFLY Next, but it can still be used on top of the sole. Once the insole is in place, the ribbon then clips to the outer edge, where the tracker will be attached.

After turning the trackers on, which are controlled by buttons on each tracker, you’ll need to connect them via Bluetooth on your phone and the Nurvv App (available on Android and iOS).

The Nurvv App brings tons of data to the table, such as distance, pace, time, step length, pronation, footstrike, and even training load. There is a summary page that gives an overall score, and you can even dig further into the data for even more tips on improving performance.

For outdoor runs, you’ll need to show some patience during the setup to ensure you have proper GPS calibration; this will require you to be outside and standing still. To receive the full guidance and data regarding your run, you’ll need to carry an iPhone or an Apple Watch to relay the information. I run with the Apple Watch Series 4, so it worked very conveniently for me. The one caveat is that you’ll need the iPhone to start the run, then choose to use the Apple Watch for that run. I’m a less-is-more runner who dislikes carrying my phone, so the intuitive Apple Watch setup complements the running experience.

Running with Nurvv Run

Once you’re running, getting the Nurvv Run’s guidance takes a little more patience. Full setup requires a quick calibration run (inside or outside), so the App can adequately learn the running speed, style, and other relevant data.  

You then get access to the various workouts, such as the Technique workout, where you will set a target score based on the data from your first run. The score is factored on how strenuous a run you will perform; the higher the score, the more challenging it is. The App will show the estimated pace and finish time while providing the step length target cadence to meet the goal.  

You will hear the coach telling you to increase or decrease your pace and stride length to stay within the target zone while you are running. The Apple Watch delivers an excellent interface for the visual representation of the run performance. If you are running with the correct pace and stride, you will see two dots that align with rectangles and turn blue. If your pace falls below or you’re moving too rapidly, then the dots will fall outside of the box, indicating the need to change speed and stride.

I found the technique run most useful when running with my iPhone, as the App delivers a foot strike’s visual representation. I tend to strike heel first, so having something to provide a visual representation of that impact was very helpful for technique correction. Again, this feature is only accessible on the indoor run setting, so technique-focused runs on treadmills will be where runners will be able to dial in on corrections.

Final thoughts on the Nurvv Run

In my experience with the Nurvv Run, I enjoyed having the coaching and data insights. Being a daily runner, there are barriers to performance that you will always face, and the Nurvv setup allows adequate coaching to break those barriers. I plan on continuing to use the Nurvv Run to improve on my performance, technique, and overall run times. Using the provided data and coaching, these subtle corrections will continue to improve my tempo and performance. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon (my second full marathon) is on my schedule for December 12, and this tool will most definitely help improve my performance leading up to the big day.

Nurvv Run Cyber Monday deals

The Nurvv Run is currently available for $299, but you can get 30% off using the code NURVV30.

Best Buy has a sale of $100 off the Nurvv Run, bringing the subtotal to $199.99.