Since the iPhone 8 and iPhone X were introduced last year (and long before), wireless chargers have become a dime a dozen. With so many options available on the market, it takes a lot for one to stand out from the crowd.

Earlier this year, Nomad released its versatile, travel-oriented wireless charger for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, joining the company’s range of high-end accessories. Since it was released, we’ve been using it day in and day out. Read on for our thoughts on how it compares to the rest of the crowded wireless charger market…

Design & Versatility

As usual, what sets Nomad’s offering apart from the competition is its design. The charger is made from a premium leather material, which Nomad touts gives it a “rugged but refined look.” It certainly feels sleek in the hand and looks much nicer than many of the more affordable wireless charging options on the market.

One downfall, however, is that it’s only available in black. So if the rest of your desk or nightstand setup is white or another color, it will look slightly out of place.

By far one of the best features of the Nomad Wireless Stand is its versatility. It can be used in a vertical upright position, which can offer a host of benefits for iPhone X users with Face ID, or it can lay flat on a surface and act as a charging pad.

To transform into a vertical stand, you simply take the included aluminum brace and slide it through the chin. The aluminum base includes a rubber accent to help hold your iPhone stead and ensure that the bottom of the device doesn’t scratch against the metal of the base.

When it comes time to transform into a charging pad, you simply remove the aluminum piece and stow it away in the back of the leather pad, creating a level backside for easy placement on any flat surface.

All in all, the design and versatility of the Nomad Wireless Charger are certainly its high points. The ability to transform from a charging stand to a charging pad is incredibly useful for varying environments, and makes it easy to stow away in a backpack when traveling.


The Nomad Wireless Charger features 7.5W of power, which means it will refill your iPhone as fast as it’s capable of being charged via wireless charging.

One important factor when it comes to picking a wireless charger is the layout and number of coils. A lot of chargers out there use a two-coil system, which offers a more forgiving amount of surface area for placing your iPhone. For instance, a two-coil wireless charger would likely still charge your iPhone even if it were placed slightly off-center on the charger.

Nomad’s charger, however, uses a one-coil system. This means you have to pay a bit more attention at where you place your iPhone, as placing it off-center could mean it won’t charge. This isn’t a big deal at all when using it as a vertical charging stand, but when using it as a charging pad, you’ll have to make sure you place it at the exact right position.

Nomad’s charger also uses a proprietary power cable + power brick. For many, this is a huge downside as it means yet another cable to remember to pack. This decision is especially interesting considering how Nomad is marketing its accessory as a solution for wireless charging while traveling. It also means you can’t plug the charger into your MacBook or a power pack which limits functionality while on-the-go, and means you’ll have to bring another cable if you think you’ll need a quick recharge while in transit.

Wrap up


Nomad’s Wireless Travel Stand is certainly one of the slickest and most versatile options out there. However, it’s plagued by its sensitive coil placement and proprietary power cable + power brick – two flaws that hinder its portability and appeal to travelers.

With 7.5W of power and a sleek design, though, Nomad’s Wireless Travel Stand is a premium option and one of the most versatile wireless chargers available for iPhone 8 and iPhone X users.

You can pickup the Wireless Travel Stand from Nomad’s website for $59.95. Clip the on-page 10% off coupon and enter your email address to bring the price to $54.