Whether it’s your daily carry or a longer trip, Apple accessories can quickly become troublesome to keep organized and easily accessible. Native Union’s Stow Organizer is designed specifically with Apple users in mind to tame your cables, dongles, power adapters, and more. It even has Apple Pencil storage and a zippered interior pocket for small items like SD cards and flash drives. Read on for a closer look at this handy Apple accessory organizer.

The Native Union Stow Organizer measures in at roughly 8- x 5- x 2.5 inches, just a touch smaller than an iPad mini as far as width and height. It’s easy to grab and carry and has a slim build for how much you can fit inside it.

The organizer comes in slate (gray) and indigo (navy blue) with both featuring dark gray interiors, I tested out the indigo model.

Stow Organizer highlights

  • Integrated elastic organizers and pockets
  • Apple Pencil storage
  • Interior zipper pocket for small items
  • Open exterior pocket for quick access
  • Waterproof zipper and water-resistant coated canvas
  • Padded construction
  • Leather zipper-pulls and accents
  • Clean, sharp design

Materials and build

The Stow Organizer feels really well made. The exterior is constructed of a durable, treated canvas, what looks like a polyester ripstop with a TPU coating, and a waterproof zipper with leather pulls. The front features a subtle Native Union logo embossed in leather. The back of the pouch sports an open pocket for quick access to cables or other small accessories.

The interior features quilted padding on one side with two pockets and an Apple Pencil holder. On the opposite side, you’ve got three elastic organizers and a zippered pocket for items like SD cards, flash drives, a microfiber cloth, and more. There’s also a bonus spot underneath a leather accent on the inside spine of the pouch that I found is perfect for an NVMe SSD.

Native Union’s products come with a one-year warranty but the company offers a two-year warranty if you register your Stow Organizer.

In Use

Even though the Stow Organizer looks compact at first glance, you can really fit a lot into this tech accessory pouch. In addition to my 15-inch MacBook Pro power brick, AirPods, USB-C hub, external SSD, cables, Crayola Apple Pencil substitute, and more I was able to fit my 26,000 mAh Nimble portable battery in too.

Another aspect I like about this organizer is that since it is soft-sided you can to pack on the lighter side with your accessories for your daily carry or weekend trips and it won’t take up as much room in your bag. However, for longer trips, you can pack it full to take advantage of all the space.


If you’re looking for a better way to handle your Apple accessories, Native Union’s Stow Organizer is easy to recommend. There are certainly less expensive options on the market but if you want a clean and sharp aesthetic matched with a quality build and Apple focus, you can’t go wrong with the Stow Organizer.