Native Union is best known for making tech accessories that feature stand out designs with a dash of fashion. Its latest product continues that trend by mixing attractive materials and fun patterns with a low profile wireless charging pad for iPhone and Qi-compatible devices. Native Union’s Drop Wireless Charger also happens to compliment the space gray HomePod perfectly…

It takes a lot for a Qi pad to stand out — especially when bargain basement price options are available online — but Native Union’s Drop Wireless Charger is worth consideration if you care about how it looks.

Priced at $59.99, it costs the same as options from Mophie and Belkin that Apple sells in its retail stores, and Drop Wireless Charger is rated for up to 10W charging speeds. So far Apple has only allowed wireless chargers that they sell directly to even offer 7.5W charging speeds, however, so iPhone users should probably expect not-much-slower 5W speeds.

The accessory itself feels leagues above its competitors in terms of build quality. The metal base makes it weighted so it feels solid, and a rubberized ring along the bottom helps it sit in place.

A single, dim white LED lights up when you sit a Qi-compatible device on it for charging, but it’s faint enough to not call too much attention to itself if status lights are a turn off.

The top is covered in two materials: a stitched fabric that makes it appear less gadgety, and a rubberized layer arranged in a neat pattern to both look trendy and hold your iPhone in place when charging.

Like modern MacBooks, Drop Wireless Charger features a single USB-C port for power input, and Native Union includes a lengthy, fabric-covered USB cable (with a built-in leather cable management attachment) for supplying power. My test sample didn’t include a power brick, however, and the other end of the included USB-C cable is curiously the classic USB-A.

Needing to supply your own power brick on the wall side is certainly a knock compared to the competition — especially for the same price — but Native Union’s appearance is its redeeming factor.

And the best part? The Native Union Wireless Drop Charger blends in really well with the space gray HomePod.

Native Union Wireless Drop Charger is available for order for $59.99 now.

Native Union’s wireless charger for iPhone looks like a flat HomePod — I love it

— Zac Hall (@apollozac) March 6, 2018