Winter is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means it’s cold enough in a lot of locations to start wearing gloves. Recently I’ve been testing out Mujjo’s Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves, a great way to a stay warm without giving up iPhone usability.

Mujjo is well-known for making high quality iPhone cases, and iPad/Mac sleeves, but it also produces a sharp lineup of touchscreen gloves.

My colleague Ben reviewed Mujjo’s Leather Touchscreen Gloves a while back, and I wanted to go hands-on with the more affordable, wool Double Layer Touchscreen Gloves ($35).


  • Enhanced Insulation
  • Wool Lining
  • Flawless Touchscreen Experience
  • Magnetic Snap Closure
  • Leather Wrist Strap and Cuff Boards
  • Anti-Slip Dots at Palm

Materials & Build

The Double Layer Touchscreen Gloves feature silver yarn woven throughout to provide the touchscreen functionality, it also give the gloves a cool look. The anti-slip rubber dots on the palms also extend to each finger, stopping short of fingertips.

While the leather wrist strap provides a sharp aesthetic, I’ve found it convenient (and easy) to put the gloves on and off without undoing the magnetic closure.

The wool lining along with spandex and nylon provide a really comfortable and flexible pair of gloves. The double layer is also a really nice feature, providing more warmth, but doesn’t leave you feeling clumsy from being too thick. For more moderate climates/weather Mujjo has its Single Layer version for $30.

Just like the other Mujjo products I’ve enjoyed, these gloves are well crafted. Although I’ve only been using them for a couple of weeks, I think they’ll last a long time.

In Use

While Mujjo’s Leather Touchscreen Gloves are no doubt classy, I enjoy the casual look and feel of the Double Layer Touchscreen Gloves. With the clean and simple gray aesthetic, they look good with anything from a hoodie to a sport coat.

As far as use with my iPhone X, it’s definitely a bit trickier to type with gloves on than without, but with autocorrect and a bit of practice, I adapted quickly.

In my use, the gloves always provided a connected tap. And the anti-slip dots give a nice amount of stability to one-handed iPhone use.

Also, with Face ID now, it’s really nice to not worry about using a passcode in the winter with gloves (Touch ID + Gloves = 🚫).

Other situations where I’ve really appreciated the Double Layer Touchscreen Gloves have been shoveling and driving. In both situations the anti-slip dots give the right amount of grip, and touchscreen functionality is sure to be appreciated for those with applicable navigation/media systems in their vehicles.


While it’s easy to find other touchscreen gloves for a bit cheaper, I think Mujjo’s Double Layer offering hits the perfect balance of a high-quality product, functionality, and price. These will also make a great last-minute gift or stocking stuffer.

Double Layer Touchscreen Gloves – $35

Single Layer Touchscreen Gloves – $30

Leather Touchscreen Gloves ≈ $98

Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves – $99