Dedicated accessories for Apple’s 12-inch MacBook with Retina display are still rarities at this point with the new design being different in every dimension than other MacBooks in the notebook lineup. For new MacBook owners looking to keep the $1300 and up machine in pristine condition, Moshi has a whole collection of premium accessories designed for the 12-inch MacBook. Today we’re taking a look at Moshi’s iGlaze 12, iVisor, ClearGuard & Muse 12: a lightweight hardshell case, bubble-free screen protector, ultra-thin keyboard cover, and slim fitting sleeve case for MacBook owners.


Key Details:

  • iGlaze 12 is an ultra-thin, polycarbonate shell case
  • iVisor is a matte, washable screen protector
  • ClearGuard protects MacBook’s keyboard from discoloration and debris
  • Muse is a thin Graphite Black or Sahara Beige sleeve for carrying MacBook safely and discreetly

Moshi describes iGlaze 12, a polycarbonate, snap-on hardshell case, as “the ultimate in slim-fitting protection” for the 12-inch MacBook. The slim-fitting detail is key for a MacBook case as much of the notebook’s appeal is in just how thin and light it is at 0.52-inches at its thickest point and 2.03-pounds. iGlaze 12 measures 0.2-inches at the top half and 0.4-inches below with most of that wrapping around the notebook’s base. The weight gain is also minimal at 0.37-pounds, most noticeable when moving the MacBook with the display open. Overall, iGlaze adds very little in terms of extra dimensions while feeling sturdy and protecting the outer shell from scratches and debris.

The shell texture is nearly invisible, what Moshi calls Stealth Clear, and still displays the MacBook’s color whether it’s Space Gray, Silver, or Gold. The Stealth Clear casing over my Space Gray MacBook created a semi ghostly shade that looked quite slick. iGlaze 12 wraps around the top, bottom, and most of either side with cutouts for the dual mics, headphone port, and USB-C port for charging and peripherals. The case also features protective feet similar to the MacBook’s own base that keep iGlaze itself from getting dinged up on rougher terrains. iGlaze 12 is an easy recommendation for new MacBook owners wanting to avoid the inevitable scratches and dings that creep up on aluminum notebooks over time.

For protecting the Retina display from the elements, Moshi offers iVisor, a washable and bubble-free screen protector for the MacBook. While the advantage of a screen protector is obvious, actually applying a screen protector to any device is not a fun task. An unaligned screen protector is problematic and if you get the tiniest spec of debris under it when applied, you’ll notice it indefinitely.

Aligning iVisor properly on the MacBook’s display was completely easy each time. It features a black border around the display and matches up perfectly with the screen, leaving openings for the FaceTime camera and ambient light sensor at the top. When applied directly atop the plastic below the display, iVisor left a small but noticeable space along the top glass, but this helped with removing and reapplying it.

Moshi includes a cleaning cloth for removing any specs that might get caught beneath the adhesive, but I still managed to catch a few specks of dust after the first few application attempts. iVisor can be washed and reapplied over and over though, and reapplying was never an issue. Moshi’s claimed bubble-free quality is completely true once you remove any dust, and the matte effect is rather nice. Like all screen protectors, the adhesive has a minor rainbow effect, especially over white spaces, but nothing too distracting and definitely not enough to cause any headaches during testing. iVisor’s ability to be stored, washed, and reapplied is very appealing too.

Next up is Moshi’s ClearGuard keyboard cover. Every MacBook’s keyboard I’ve ever owned has developed a worn-in look after just a week or so of use. The texture changes with wear and the black keys get shiny from even light use. ClearGuard puts an extra layer between your fingers and the keyboard to prevent this with the added bonus of your keyboard not becoming a place to collect crumbs, hair, or whatever else might collect between keys.

ClearGuard fits perfectly over the redesigned keyboard and uses two strips of adhesive — one below the number key row and another below the ASDFG row — to stay put during use and travel. I found the top row of functional keys to pop up easily during use so more adhesive above the number keys would be nice, but overall typing wasn’t impacted at all. The keys feel rubbery rather than plasticky, the backlighting is slightly dimmer, and typing requires a minor adjustment, but the benefit of protection is a fair trade-off.

ClearGuard is a good fit and hardly noticeable after a short period of use. Closing the MacBook functions just the same and I had no issues with it coming loose in between uses. Just type without concern about getting your keyboard dirty.

Finally, we have Moshi’s Muse 12 ultra-thin sleeve for toting your MacBook and a few accessories around in style. While I primarily carry my MacBook on its own or in a backpack, Muse offers a way to discreetly transport your $1300+ laptop around in public. Muse’s total footprint is about the size of a 13-inch MacBook with a slim profile that holds the 12-inch MacBook snug.

Muse is plain and minimal on the backside, offered in Graphite Black or Sahara Beige. The front is similar, only accented by a light or dark beige flap with minor Moshi branding over two pockets. The main pocket holds the MacBook in Moshi’s Terahedron microfiber lining, fitting either a naked MacBook or one protected with iGlaze. The next pocket is nearly the same in depth with about an inch removed from the height. Here you can stow a paper notebook, charging cables, earbuds, pens, or other pocketable accessories. While this pocket is tight to create a thin sleeve overall, it can accommodate the MacBook’s charging cable and power adapter at the cost of having a slight bulge. The zipper-less design makes Muse a very convenient MacBook sleeve for stowing your notebook between work spots. Muse is an easy recommendation if you’re looking for a stylish sleeve at an affordable price.