The folks over at Monowear sent over one of its bands for me to try, and I shot a brief video showcasing the band in action. Monowear makes several band styles from leather, mesh, nylon and metal. The band it sent over is a brown leather band featuring a handy deployant clasp. The deployant clasp creates a perpetual look that makes the leather band super-easy to put on and take off. Have a look at our video review inside to see it in action.

The leather deployant bands come in a variety of colors: brown, black, red, navy and creme. The bands can be mated with lug adapters for the stainless steel Apple Watch, and silver, space grey and rose gold versions of the Apple Watch Sport. As expected, you can also choose between 38mm and 42mm sizes.

The box the band ships in is the standard Monowear package, which presents little fanfare, but makes it easy to see how the band will look when mated with the Apple Watch. I’ve tried some of Monowear’s other bands in the past, so I knew exactly what to expect presentation-wise.

Video review

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Once you get each portion of the band out of the box, connecting  it to the Apple Watch is a straightforward and relatively seamless affair. Since this band features a deployant clasp, you’ll need to connect the leather portion of the band together with the metal clasp.

The metal portion of the band features two nubs that allow it to secure to the holes on the opposite leather band to create a continuous loop. This is, in theory, a one time operation. Once you’ve connected the clasp to the holes in the band so that it comfortably fits your wrist, you should not longer have to fool with resizing the band.

I’m a big fan of the look of the brown leather deployant band, and am an even bigger fan of how easy it makes it to put the watch on and take it off. The metal deployant clasp detaches with a simple press on each side, and reattaches by snapping it back into place with a firm press.

Monowear uses genuine leather for its bands, which should wear well over time if taken care of. When paired with the right watch face, this band can help class up the Apple Watch. Not only does the Monowear leather deployant band look great, but it feels comfortable to wear as well.