Moment announced its new MFi certified Battery Case for iPhone earlier this fall while a new Telephoto lens has just joined the company’s lineup of products to improve your iPhone photography. Read on for our full review on Moment’s sharp case and lens system.

Moment’s products have a solid and refined feel. Part of that stems from the fact that the lenses don’t rely on a universal clip system. Rather, Moment has a lineup of three cases for iPhone, Samsung and Google smartphones that use a twist-lock system to securely fit lenses that seriously expand your smartphone camera’s capabilities.

Moment System Highlights

  • 3 cases to choose from: Photo Case, Battery Photo Case and Wallet Photo Case
  • 5 lenses to choose from: Wide, Telephoto, Anamorphic, Macro, and Superfish
  • Interchangeable lenses are easy to swap out or even use across multiple iPhones and Android smartphones
  • All lenses come with microfiber carrying bag and lens cap
  • Lenses feature aspherical design for edge to edge sharp images
  • Works with iPhone 6 and later with compatible case

Moment Cases

Moment offers a thoughtful selection of cases to pair with its great lens collection. What I appreciate most is that the cases are so good that they’re worth using as everyday protection instead of another case to keep around just for when you want to use an external lens.

All of the cases include photo friendly features like curved, smooth edges for a comfortable grip and connection points to attach wrist or neck straps.

I’m particularly fond of the Wallet Photo case that holds two cards, yet still remains slim and comfortable. It’s a really convenient case for everyday use and makes it quick and painless to throw on a Moment lens in a jiffy.

Speaking of attaching Moment lenses, there’s a small line on the top of each case that matches up with a corresponding line on each lens, then a quarter turn secures it to your iPhone. Even with cold hands I’ve found it easy to attach and remove them.

Moment Battery Case

For those that are looking for extra juice and a dedicated shutter button, the Battery Photo Case will be appealing. This is an MFi and Qi certified battery case that recharges via Lightning, and doubles your iPhone battery life.

There are a couple more unique features with this battery case. First, Moment has included a physical DSLR-like, electronic shutter button. It allows users to set focus with a half press and more easily capture shots with a full press. It offers a smoother experience than relying on one of the volume buttons, and means you don’t have to think about keeping an eye on the digital shutter button in camera apps.

Another bonus, even if you’re not shooting with the Moment app, the Battery Case shutter button will work with any app that allows the volume buttons to take photos and videos.

The second unique feature is the Battery Case software can be customized by users and Moment designed it to allow for updates. In the Moment app, you can see the remaining battery level of the case, turn charging on/off, check for updates, and toggle a background action for the physical shutter button.

As seen above, a color-coded three dot indicator in the top left corner gives you a quick idea of the charge left in the battery case. Tapping “Case” opens up settings, allows you to turn charging on/off, and install updates.

The default setting when you put your iPhone in the Battery Case is for it to charge. It slides in and out of the case easily, similar to how Apple’s Smart Battery Case works with the top folding back a bit.

I did experience an issue with the Battery Case as it appeared to drain extremely quickly. But it ended up being an issue with the software and how it reports the battery level to the Moment app. An update should be rolling out soon to squash the bug.

Moment Lenses

Wide Lens

Even with how much cameras have improved on iPhone over the years, there’s still those times when you just can’t capture a scene with the fixed field of view. In my time with the 18mm Wide Lens, I’ve been impressed with how it can help capture much more of the feeling of what an experience felt like in real life.

With the Moment Wide Lens on the left, without on the right

Above are two untouched images right out of the iPhone X. You quickly notice how much more field of view you’re gaining with the 18mm Wide Lens in the image on the left. I think the lens also yields richer colors as well.

Here’s another comparison of a mountain view:

No edits on either of these images. I think this is an even better comparison showing the richer colors that the Moment Wide Lens produces in addition to the vastly improved field of view.

Here’s one last comparison:

Tele Lens

The new 58mm Lens from Moment offers 2x optical zoom and brings 4x optical zoom to users when paired with the iPhone X, XS, or XS Max telephoto lens. Compared to the previous 60mm Tele Lens, Moment has optimized the 58mm Tele to leverage the larger sensors in devices like the iPhone XS.

Image on the left with Tele Lens providing 2x zoom, image on right without

For iPhone X and XS/XS Max users, you can place the 58mm Tele Lens over the iPhone’s telephoto lens for 4x optical zoom and use it with the Moment app.

Alternately, for quick shots, you can leave it placed over the iPhone’s wide-angle lens and adjust the zoom to 1.9x with the default camera app in iOS.

4x optical zoom with Tele Lens using the Moment app on left, 1x on right without Tele lens

In addition to getting up close to subjects like animals and people without sacrificing image quality, the Tele Lens also offers great results for scenic shots. Here are a few examples from 7,000 feet. With just the iPhone, the snow-capped mountain is hiding in the background. The 58mm Tele Lens allowed me to bring it much more into view.

Left image with Tele Lens at 2x, without lens on right image at 1x

Left image with Tele Lens at 4x, without lens at 1x on right

Superfish Lens

While the Superfish Lens is something I find less useful than the Wide or Tele Lens on a regular basis, it still offers a fun and unique effect.

Like with the other lenses, I found richer colors in addition to the fisheye effect with the 15mm Superfish Lens.

Moment App and Accessories

Moment’s lineup also includes a wide variety of accessories to get the most out of the lens system, keep it clean, and more.

Teaming up with some third-parties, Moment offers everything from backpacks to video gear. The company also sells neck straps, wrist straps, lens carrying pouches, lens cleaning tools, lens filters, and more. It is indeed robust ecosystem.

While you don’t have to use the Moment – Pro Camera app with the lenses, users will likely get the best experience with it. There is a free version, while unlocking all of the capabilities costs $4.

The full app includes granular control over shutter speed, ISO, exposure, focus, and white balance. You can also shoot in RAW with the Pro $4 app upgrade.

Another sharp feature is the Moment app including a “3D Shutter” that allows an initial press to set focus with a deeper press snapping an image.


With Moment, iPhone users (and Android too) can really improve their photography for less than $100. The Photo Case for iPhone is on sale now for $24, with the 60mm Tele Lens also discounted to $70 (previously $90).

Moment feels like a great way for beginners to get their feet wet with a quality system, and also for experienced photographers to get more out of their iPhone or Android smartphone cameras.

Moment is just starting to ship its Photo Case for iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Meanwhile, it may be a bit longer before its Battery Case and Wallet Photo cases are in stock for the latest iPhones.