The antitheft Kensington Security Slot has been gone from all MacBooks aside from the classic 13-inch model for years now as Apple’s notebook designs have gotten increasingly thinner. Without that slot making a return, third party solutions like Maclock’s The Blade are needed to secure an unattended MacBook and prevent theft. Today we’re taking a look at The Blade and how it can secure even Apple’s thinnest notebook, the 12-inch MacBook with Retina display.

Specifically, Maclocks’ The Blade is a security bracket with a lock slot that attaches to your Mac allowing you to connect a security cable lock. The Blade, which is the silver bracket seen above, retails for $49.95 while Maclock’s Combination Cable Lock, also above, is sold optionally for $24.95 unless you provide your own cable lock.

The Blade attaches below your MacBook with a strong 3M adhesive. Maclocks recommends letting The Blade sit for at least 12 hours to allow it to form a the “ultimate bond” before testing. Once attached, the casing includes a thin metal bracket that rotates outward and presents a lock slot. (Note: I didn’t test the permanence of the adhesive to avoid potentially damaging my hardware with removal.)

Aside from adding the ability to secure your Mac with a cable lock, The Blade’s design raises the rear of the MacBook above the surface which can improve heat ventilation during use. This also adjusts the keyboard height and angle for potentially more comfortable typing. The metal arm within The Blade hides easily when not in use, but the raised height of your notebook is obviously prominent as it has about the same height as the whole of the 12-inch MacBook. The Blade is meant for practical purposes of course and adds security at the cost of a uniform and thin design. Maclocks’ Combination Cable Lock included with the $74.90 package works just as expected, easily attaching to The Blade with a 4-number custom combination securing the lock.

Overall, The Blade is a very clever solution for MacBook owners in need of adding a convenient way to secure their notebook and prevent theft. The Blade requires being permanently applied to completely work as a security solution. It’s not ideal if you’re dedicated to keeping your MacBook’s profile as thin as possible, but that’s necessary to ensure security and The Blade looks good at doing what it does.

Until Apple decides to include the Kensington Security Slot in the design of notebooks again (not expected), Maclock’s The Blade is a handy piece of hardware to add to your MacBook for locking it down and preventing theft. While the design is meant to resemble the bottom of a MacBook, the hardware is also capable of working with a tablet like the iPad for adding security functionality as well. The Blade is worth considering if you often use your notebook in a high traffic area like an open coffee shop or public library and risk loss due to theft. It’s especially practical for display Macs in busy environments as it does alter the machine’s casing permanently. For my own needs, I mostly use my MacBook around the house and don’t take my eyes of it in public environments, but I would consider The Blade as an attractive solution if I needed to secure a public facing Mac without a security slot.