Conference calls still work well but not as good as the Logitech Mini Boom for instance. The 1500mAh battery life is excellent but I think Lumsing’s 15-hour claim is a bit of a stretch. Expect to get about 10 hours of normal play which is still extremely good in this case.  I cranked it for 5-6 hours before it died. It also has one touch NFC pairing for those of you out there with an Android phone or tablet.

Bottom line: If you don’t currently have a portable Bluetooth speaker for your phone or tablet you should get one.  If your budget is below $80, you should get this great looking, very good sounding Lumsing Prophet. You won’t be sorry. 

Note: It actually is fluctuating in price, but if you don’t get $21.99, refresh a few times and it should change to $21.99. Then apply coupon to drop it to $19.99 at checkout.