Logitech introduced its m320 wireless mouse last month and I’ve been trying it out for the past few weeks. The Logitech m320 is a wireless mouse (included wireless receiver required) with an ergonomic design for your hand to comfortably rest upon during use. Aside from fitting to your hand with ease, the Logitech m320’s super lightweight build allows it to smoothly glide across a surface without friction. Check out my hands-on with Logitech’s affordable desktop mouse…

Like I mentioned, Logitech’s m320 wireless mouse is rather affordable at just $29.99. After using the m320 for the last few weeks, I’ve noticed its price point really doesn’t come at a cost to the performance either. It’s a comfortable mouse, no doubt, and boasts 24 month battery life on a single, included AA battery (a significantly longer period than the Apple Magic Mouse that I regularly use).

You can also flip off the mouse with the on/off switch on the bottom, and the top of the m320 features an LED light to let you know it’s powered and connected.

It connects over wireless and requires an included nano-sized USB sensor for pairing. The nano sensor can be stowed away under the battery cover during travel. It does take up a USB port on your computer just like a wired mouse, but it is a tiny connector so it won’t stick out or take up any desk space.

The Logitech m320 is a very light mouse–just 91.0 grams including battery weight–which makes it feel rather effortless to control. The design is especially fit for right hand use as it has a section that fits your thumb, your pointer and middle finger sit on top, and your ring and pinky finger wrap around the edge. Being plastic attributes to its light weight, and a textured rubber edge makes it easily to grip and control.

The mouse features dedicated right and left click buttons as well as a spin wheel for scrolling like other tradition mice. As an Apple Magic Mouse user, I missed the gestures and scrolling experience of the trackpad-like surface of Apple’s own desktop mouse, but Logitech’s m320 is also less than half the cost and feels less breakable. The left and right click buttons both are very “clicky” and the scroll wheel is soft but resistant for comfortably controlling.

The Logitech m320’s color is my favorite detail. Each version looks versatile and sporty for a mouse, not sci-fi or geeky, and I’ve been using the blue model. It looks terrific on my desk and adds some color to a workspace otherwise dominated by white and silver accessories. Aside from the blue version, the Logitech m320 is available in black, red, and silver with yellow accents.