If you’re looking for a “hip” iPhone case or a nice way to represent your city, you’ll love the Nomad series from LAUT. The Nomad series features unique abstract map designs on the backside of a case that showcase different cities. I’m not usually a fan of cases, but the artwork here is what lured me in…

Today we’re checking out the iPhone 6 version, but this is also available for the iPhone 6 Plus as well. The packaging and presentation are nice and each case comes with a screen protector as well for complete coverage of your iPhone. The abstract art on the backside is made up from a couple of layers. On the top layer there are shiny accents, while the bottom layer is home to the colors of the abstract art.

The design/build of the case is very simple. It’s made from hard and soft plastics and seems like it will withstand a drop or two, but mainly to help prevent dings. I wouldn’t rely on this case to keep my iPhone safe from anything more than a light kiss on the pavement. That being said, it does feel well-built. All ports and buttons are easily accessible when the case is on the iPhone and it fits like a glove.

Check out our review video below:


Of course the main story here isn’t about the build quality at all. The abstract art is what caught my eye. Each case in the Nomad series features a mini-map of a different city. I wouldn’t use these maps to guide yourself around on a vacation, but they look pretty cool. There are a wide variety of cities to choose from including New York, Shanghai, and Paris (a few of my favorites). If you’re interested, you can find the full lineup of the Nomad series on LAUT’s website.

Overall, there’s not much else to say here. Sure, these are your typical soft/hard plastic cases that easily slip on your iPhone, but the design is unique. I haven’t seen any other case with a similar design and ultimately, that’s what interested me the most.