I did the same thing a few years ago with my keys, cutting down the excess bulk I take with me each day. A smaller, lighter keychain can also prove easier to lose. For the past several years, KeySmart has been making handy key organizers — some of which have a Tile tracker built-in. There’s a new option if you prefer keeping tabs on your keys using an Apple AirTag. Is it worth it?

Check out the new KeySmart Air

There’s not much to the KeySmart Air organizer, and that’s what I like about it the most. These are the key (get it?) details:

Holds/organizes up to five keys and a key fobSmartShield leather that’s stain and water-resistantKeeps an AirTag secure with a bumper that protects against dropsSlim, pocket-friendly designEasy to assembleKeySmart Air retails for under $40Note: Apple AirTag is sold separately for under $30 each

This is one of those “make life more convenient” kinds of accessories, and I was pretty excited to order one when it was released. The question is whether it would live up to expectations.

It’s a little like playing ‘Operation’

If you’ve ever owned a KeySmart or similar type of key organizer, the setup process can be somewhat tedious trying to get everything lined up correctly. At least it has been in my experience, but I’m a little more particular about the order I want my keys organized. With the traditional organizer, you can add keys on both sides of the frame. On the KeySmart Air, you can only place them on one side, hence the smaller capacity. Just remove the screw, insert the AirTag, then add your keys with the included spacers in between each one. That’s it. It took me a little longer because, in addition to three keys, I also included a USB drive that almost made it too thick. That’s why it can be a little like playing the game “Operation” because the keys and spacers can shift out of place as you’re trying to screw the organizer back together. After a few tries, I prevailed.

Never lose your keys again

The whole reason to own this particular key organizer is if you already have or plan to buy an AirTag. It certainly is a seamless experience locating it on an iPhone, and I highly suggest you set up Left Behind alerts in the Find My app. Tap or click here for details. When it comes to the organizer itself, it seems to be exceptionally well-constructed and it’s easy to access each key. That and, as promised, it doesn’t take up a lot of space in my pocket.

Is the KeySmart Air worth it?

I’ve carried a key organizer for years, never looking back at a basic keyring. I don’t miss the noisy rattles or how that one key would always get caught in a seam when trying to take them out of my pocket. Add a way to track it with my phone and it doesn’t get much better than that. At about $40, the KeySmart Air is quite a bit more expensive than a basic keyring or a standard KeySmart organizer. Factor in the price of an AirTag, and you’re looking at around $70. For me, it’s worth it — for both convenience and peace of mind. Check out some of KeySmart’s other organizers and accessories here.